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The Mysterious Stranger looks to Semi Final 2

And so, as the ESC Insight team gather in Dusseldorf (Ewan is the last of the arrivals, just typical) it’s time to finish off the predictions, fished out of a hermetically closed envelope, sealed a mayonnaise bottle, and buried under Johnny Logan’s patio.

Semi Final 1 predictions, from the Mysterious Stranger

Following on from yesterday’s introduction to the Secret Society of the Eurovision Prediction Email, their leader, the Mysterious Stranger, has passed us his thoughts on the first semi-final.

ESC Insight at Düsseldorf and Eurovision 2011

Ewan, Sharleen and the rest of the team are on the ground at the Dusseldorf Arena, bringing you behind the scenes news, videos and a daily chat show with the Juke Box Jury team and specially invited guests!

The Mysterious Stranger’s predictions for the Big Five

There is a secret society that reads Eurovision Predictions… every year their leader emails round his Song Contest predictions, based on countless listens, experience and personal ability to spot a winner. And every year the mysterious stranger gets it hopelessly, horribly, wrong.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Juke Box Jury 2011 #7

Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden and Cyprus face experienced judge Donald McNaughton and wet behind the ears (but loving his debut anyway) Dean Asker in this week’s Juke Box Jury.

Eurovision for the un-accredited

As the Eurovision events in Dusseldorf kick off this weekend, many of those there for the whole two “Euroweeks” will be tied up writing and provide coverage of the rehearsals, press conferences and parties. However just as many people do not get such a privilege. So what is there to actually do in Dusseldorf? ESC Insight lets you in on where the fun is to be had…

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