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Meet the Alumni

Over the years ESC Insight has worked with many contributors. Many of them are still active and you’ll see their work on the site, others have moved on but still look back fondly on their time with ESC Insight. Here we acknowledge some of the former members of the regular writing team.

Roy Delaney

Roy Delaney is a showbiz and darts journalist operating out of Bristol in the UK. He also shouts and hits the drums for a dismal two-piece punk rock band called Hacksaw.

His blog, Eurovision Apocalypse, is devoted to the best and most bonkers stuff thrown up by the national finals every year. Go there for pain and joy.

Read Roy’s articles on ESC Insight.

John Egan

John Egan is a Canadian Eurovision obsessive currently based in New Zealand. In addition to his contributions here, he’s the proprietor of and its data-driven perspective on the world’s favourite song contest. All of which is given to the world out of love. To pay his mortgage he works here. You can find more out about John here.

Read John’s articles on ESC Insight here.

Jon Jacob

Jon Jacob is a writer, online content producer and award-winning BBC editor with over 15 years experience in the media industry, plus on-air tech-reporting and extensive multimedia production experience.

Read Jon’s articles on Esc Insight here.

Dr Paul Jordan

Paul Jordan has recently  completed his PhD this summer examining issues of image building and national identity in Estonia and Ukraine. His research concentrates primarily on nation branding initiatives and the role that Eurovision played in terms of promoting and refining the international image of the respective countries concerned. Paul has attended Eurovision since 2000 and has been a commentator on all things Eurovision for Russia Today, BBC Radio Scotland and will appear in the forthcoming documentary “The Secret History of the Eurovision Song Contest” produced by Australian based Electric Pictures.

Read Paul’s articles on ESC Insight.

Lisa-Jayne Lewis

Lisa discovered the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991, fell in love with it in 1992 by the time 1993 rocked up, she was a confirmed addict! During her time living in the USA, her parents recorded every Eurovision Song Contest which she would then catch up with on her next visit back to the UK, she spent a memorable Christmas Day in 2004 watching Ruslana win for Ukraine!

Lisa now lives in The Cotswolds, but spends as much time as she can in Vienna, oh and she has a tattoo of Conchita’s beard on her wrist – why not?!

Read Lisa-Jayne’s articles on ESC Insight here.

Terry Vision

One of the oldest and most experienced heads in the Eurovision world, Terry Vision returned to active service for the 2012 National Final season as ESC Insight’s Senior Interviewer…. and retired from public life in 2016.

“Maybe you remember me from the radio, when I would wake up the country every morning. Or my successful chat show, Vision, as I talked to the stars every night. When you needed an unflappable light entertainment host with a twinkle in his eye, I was there. Retirement is wonderful, I make no apologies for walking away when I did, but there comes a time in the life of every husband when your wife asks for a new car, the bank account is running dry, and you need to get back out to the world of work.”

Watch Terry in action with his video interviews on ESC Insight.

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