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Don’t Go Without Me: Rebooting Music Careers At Eurovision 1988
Celine Dion

Thirty years ago fans of the Eurovision Song Contest were given a special treat: a nail-biting finish, with the champion crowned on the very last set of points awarded—who went on to become a global superstar. John Egan takes a look back at Dublin 1988.

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Fireworks And Feelings: What We Mean When We Say ‘Real Music’

Hello Internet. One of the big themes of the Song Contest this year is this idea of real music. What even is real music? What do we mean and who do we exclude when we talk about real music? As the resident insufferable hipster at ESC Insight, I’d like to tell you a story about my relationship with real music.

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Hora Din Moldova And The Magic of the Repeated Meme
Epic Sax Guy, and The Sunstroke Project

With Moldova emerging as Eurovision's secret party powerhouse, guest writer Elaine O'Neill investigates how the music of Moldova has diffused through popular internet culture by embracing the power of going viral.

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When Local Celebrations Take On Eurovision Song Contest Selections
Alexander Rybak's AIr Guitar

March saw John Egan experience his first ever Norsk MelodiGrandPrix. It got him thinking on the balance between a national Song Contest, local TV audiences, and the ultimate prize of the Eurovision Song Contest ticket.

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Uncovering The Popular Tropes Of The Eurovision Story Contest
Jenny Gerlach

Everyone talks about Eurovision being a Song Contest, but you need more than a good voice to win the trophy, you need a story. Guest writer Jenny Gerlach looks at some of the approaches taken in recent years, and which of this year's three-minute wonders fit the tropes.

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