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Spirit In The Screen: CuePilot And The Power Of Camerawork At Eurovision
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The last few years have seen a rise in 'automated' camera work at the Eurovision Song Contest with the use of CuePilot. Does it make a difference to a performance, and can it give an edge when chasing victory? Gil Laufer and Alexander Åblad study its impact.

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Was Eurovision 2020 The Contest Of The Racial Watershed?
Jeangu Macrooy (image:

In a turbulent year for the BAME community, Fin Russell talks about the lost opportunity of Rotterdam 2020 and his hopes for BAME representation in future Song Contests.

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The Spotter’s Guide To ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga’
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Sage (Netflix PR)

Ewan Spence and Ellie Chalkley sit down with a review copy of Netflix's 'The Story Of Fire Saga' to talk about the film, the portrayal of the Song Contest, and the moments that Eurovision fans need to watch out for.

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The Right Decision: Eurovision To Allow Vocals On Tape 
Mixing desk in a recording studio

Pre-recorded backing vocals will be allowed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Ewan Spence explores why this change is a significant and positive step in the evolution of the Song Contest.

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Nine Things We Expect From The Netherlands And Eurovision 2021
Rotterdams Ahoy Theatre (

Now that the 'season clock' has been reset and we're at the start of our 2021 journey, Ewan Spence, with a touch of deja vu, looks ahead to Rotterdam 2021 and what we can expect from the Eurovision Song Contest in The Netherlands.

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