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Civic vs Ethnic Nationalism And Hosting Eurovision For The First Time

John Egan takes a close look at the challenges that face a first-time host of the Eurovision Song Contest. What lessons can be learned from past debutants, and how can nationalism be portrayed on the Eurovision stage?

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How To Solve The Problem Of Tickets For The Eurovision Song Contest
Audience in Malmo Arena (

Why is it getting harder and harder to buy a ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest and why does it appear that the scalpers, bots, and secondary markets have more tickets than the fans? Ewan Spence investigates some potential solutions.

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Winners And Losers In The Eurovision 2018 Semi Final Draw
Semi Final Draw, Eurovision 2018 (

The ESC Insight team look over the Semi Final draw for Eurovision 2018 to decide who won and who lost as they came out of the pots.

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A Story About Mercy
Madame Monsieur (Gilles Scarella / FTV)

France's first National Final since 2014 saw the public choose 'Mercy', by Madame Monsieur. It is a song that reaches beyond its three minutes to reflect a modern Europe that many have chosen to ignore. Why is it an important addition to Lisbon 2018? Ellie Chalkley investigates.

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Navigating the Silence of Enslavement
Portugal Maritime History and Slavery (image Wikimedia cc)

Eurovision 2018 celebrates Lisbon through maritime history, but why are we not considering who was on the boats? Dr Catherine Baker navigates the silence.

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