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The Eurovision Audience Poll: How Useful Is It?

Once again ESC Insight will be helping co-ordinate the Eurovision Audience Poll in Malmö. But is this even an accurate indicator of final results? Yes, but with some caveats.

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The Subtle Difference of a Six Song Melodifestivalen Heats

This year we have six song heats for Melodifestivalen rather than seven. Does removing a song from the heats change the results in Melodifestivalen. We investigate the numbers.

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Which Country Is Luckiest In Allocation Draw History?
Semi Final Draw, Eurovision 2018 (

With the Allocation Draw set to take place in Malmö this week, we look back on Allocation Draw history to ask....who has been the luckiest country in Allocation Draw history.

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What If Eurovision And Junior Eurovision Were A Single Song Contest?
The Junior Eurovision (l) and Eurovision (r) trophies (photos: EBU / Corinne Cumming)

Is there any connection between success at Junior and success at Eurovision? Does a winning performance in one help the other? Mark Taylor breaks out more results than normal to see how close the two contests are.

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Why You Must Not Get Too Excited About September 1st
Duncan Laurence and the Eurovision 2019 trophy (Thomas Hanses/

It's September 1st, and the Eurovision Song Contest community is celebrating the start of the season. Mark Taylor runs the numbers on why you shouldn’t get too excited about this single day in the calendar.

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