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Conflict In Music, The Eurovision Wars Podcast.

They say the Eurovision Song Contest is political, but how true is that, and how deep does the rabbit hole go? Phil Dore’s Eurovision Wars podcast explores how war, conflict, and dissent has played out on the Eurovision stage.

Originally a Spotify exclusive during 2022, ESC Insight is delighted to present Eurovision Wars to a wider Eurovision audience.

You can follow every episode as part of our main feed, but if you want to have Eurovision Wars as its own show in your podcast app, you can subscribe to this RSS feed; copy and paste it into your app and you’ll have Eurovision Wars alongside the rest of your Eurovision podcasts!

ESC Insight Presets… Eurovision Wars: Revolutions
Eurovision Wars, S01E07 podcast artwork (Phil Dore)

You may have heard the story of how the Portuguese Revolution of 1974 used their Eurovision entry as a signal to start overthrowing the government. But are there other examples of Eurovision artists involved in revolutions?

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ESC Insight Presets… Eurovision Wars: Azerbaijan vs Armenia
Eurovision Wars, S01E05 podcast artwork (Phil Dore)

Dr Paul Jordan (aka Dr Eurovision) joins Phil Dore to talk about the long-running feud between Armenia and Azerbaijan at the Eurovision Song Contest. Along the way they discuss the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the Armenian Genocide, and the controversial hosting of Eurovision 2012 in Baku.

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ESC Insight Presets… Eurovision Wars: The Banned Song Contest
Eurovision Wars, S01E06 podcast artwork (Phil Dore)

Talking about the banned songs of the Eurovision Song Contest leads into discussions of the Russian invasion of Georgia, the 2020/21 pro-democracy protests in Belarus, and the 2015 Colectiv fire in Romania, in the next episode of Eurovision Wars

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ESC Insight Presets… Eurovision Wars: Russia vs Ukraine (2021-2022)
Eurovision Wars, podcast artwork (Phil Dore)

For Eurovision Wars' third part of the Russia vs Ukraine story, Phil Dore is joined by Erik Nelson talk about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the impact it had on the Eurovision Song Contest.

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ESC Insight Presets… Eurovision Wars: Russia vs Ukraine (2017-2021)
Eurovision Wars, podcast artwork (Phil Dore)

Phil Dore is joined on the Eurovision Wars podcast by Dr Jamie Halliwell and Julie Hasseris to continue exploring Russia and Ukraine's history at the Song Contest and the impact of the rising political tensions in the two countries.

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