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Meet Our Eurovision Podcast

Welcome to our Eurovision Song Contest Podcast

The ESC Insight podcast team has been covering the Eurovision Song Contest since 2009.

We publish a number of series throughout the year. As well as the regular News Podcasts keeping you up to date with the world of the Eurovision Song Contest (and Junior Eurovision), you’ll find interviews with Eurovision performers and the people behind the scenes. We’ll bring the community to the magical island of Île de Bezençon to find out what Eurovision songs they would bring with them. And we’ll take a deeper look at the Contest with our in-depth documentaries.

As the Contest gets closer, we’ll analyse every song before they take to the stage, and take you backstage for our daily discussions shows in the host city in the two weeks running up to the Semi Finals and Grand Finals.

The ESC Insight Podcast will bring the Eurovision Song Contest to you.

Where To Find The ESC Insight Podcast

Let’s start with the big three; here’s the direct link to ESC Insight on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

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ESC Insight is listed in the major podcast directories, and many of the independent podcast apps and services will be able to find us via these directories. Here are some direct links into popular podcast applications… Castbox, iHeart Radio, Overcast, Player FM, PodChaser, and PodHero. You’ll find even more links over at PodNews’ podcast library.

Our podcast is built on RSS, which means that almost any competent podcast player will be able to read our RSS File. Copy this link and paste it into your podcast app to subscribe to ESC Insight.

What Do Our Listeners Think?

This is the trailblazing podcast in the Eurovision sphere. It’s a fantastic mix of knowledge and news, particularly during Eurovision season with their weekly show led by the indomitable Ewan Spence. In the off-season they bring storytelling and a personal connection with their Castaways series anchored by the ever passionate Ellie Chalkley. One not to be missed.

If you’re a fan of Eurovision, then this is exactly the podcast you’ve been looking for. Ewan is an enthusiastic host and gets superb guests, all of whom demonstrate a love of the Contest. It treads the line perfectly between knowing  the show and its history, whilst never taking it so seriously it looses Eurovision’s spirit of fun.
Morgan Misc, iTunes.

I always suffer from Eurovision Song Contest blues (post Eurovision depression as Ewan describes it), and this podcast gives me a dose of Eurovision all year round. A must have for all ESC fans.
Wimble Womble, iTunes.

Whoever your favourite sportscaster is, Ewan Spence is the Eurovision equivalent.
YiZzlestic, iTunes

After The Podcast

ESC Insight is more than the podcast. Our goal is to bring you in-depth editorial, discussion and commentary around the Eurovision Song Contest. Think of us as the weekly magazine that sits alongside the daily news sites in the Song Contest community. Have a look around!

It’s great to meet you.

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