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Sometimes ESC Insight contributors spend time analysing the latest news, results, and happenings in the Eurovision community. Sometimes we have opinions on the news as it breaks. This is where our ‘Opinions’ come in.

We’ve always worked to ensure that you know who writes the articles on ESC Insight. Now you can find out their opinions on the latest events in the world of the Song Contest.

The UK at Eurovision: Reasons To Be Cheerful
Olly Alexander, UK 2024 (EBU / Corinne Cumming)

Is Olly Alexander's eighteenth place for the United Kingdom a return to the lower reaches of the results, or can Sam Ryder's run to the podium be repeated? Gina Jones argues that 'Dizzy' was one awkward mile in a marathon.

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The Power Of Flags At Eurovision
Nemo at the Eurovision 2024 flag parade (photo: SVT/EBU YouTube)

Following Malmö 2024, there has been discussion and debate over flags at the Eurovision Song Contest. Second Cherry's Monty Moncrieff talks about the importance of flags in our community.

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Eurovision’s Shrinkage Problem And Some Ideas To Fix It
Photo: / Stijn Smulders

The number of countries participating in the Eurovision Song Contest has been steadily dwindling for a while now. Since 2018, the trend of the 3-year average has been downwards. Hayden Kent looks at the impact this has on the Song Contest

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Olly Alexander Is The UK’s New Eurovision Champion
Olly Alexander (Photo: cc Krists Luhaers / Flixkr)

It’s been years (and years) since the United Kingdom last won the Eurovision Song Contest. Like a bad boyfriend, our entries have let us down repeatedly – until things changed. Gina Jones asks if 2024 will be the year the BBC can break the curse and win again.

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Sometimes The Songs Should Be Silly
Windows95man, Finland 2024 (Photo: / UMK)

If a dog can play basketball, then there’s nothing stopping us from embracing the silly songs of the Contest. Ben Robertson reminds us why Eurovision needs art from the likes of Finland’s Windows95man.

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