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The Continuing Mystery Of San Marino’s Complicated Televote
Serhat takes to the stage, San Marino 2019 ( Hanses)

With more questions being raised around the voting and points calculation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Ellie Chalkly breaks open the spreadsheet to look at another potential problem – San Marino’s constructed televote.

Which National Finals Sent The Wrong Songs To Tel Aviv 2019
Tel Aviv Expo stage for Eurovision 2019 ( Puting)

Continuing our look back at this year’s National Final selections, the ESC Insight team discuss which countries made the wrong choice regarding the performers and songs to send to Tel Aviv for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Which National Finals Sent The Right Songs To Tel Aviv 2019?
KEiiNO's Fred, Norway 2019 ( Puting)

As the ESC Insight team return to normal life after the 64th Eurovision Song Contest, we look back over the National Final season to find out which broadcasters made the correct song choice for Tel Aviv 2019.

Questions And Answers About The Voting At Eurovision 2019
The Eurovision 2019 Trophy ( Hanses)

The EBU has confirmed that the Belarussian jury points announced during the Eurovision Song Contest 2019’s Grand Final were incorrect. Ben Robertson investigates what has happened, why it is so easy to make this mistake, and what steps the EBU must ensure happen to improve the situation.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Our Final Daily News From Tel Aviv, Sunday 19th May
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

Reviewing the Grand Final of Eurovision 2019, examining the voting sequence, thoughts on the votes, and our highlights of the show, in the final News Podcast from Tel Aviv.

Taking Flight: The Upward Trajectory of Australia At Eurovision 2019
Kate Miller-Heidke's Eurovision stage show, Australia 2019 (Andres Putting/

As the anticipation builds for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, anticipation is also building around the Australian act, the popera style, and the unique staging. Sharleen Wright looks at the Kate’s journey in the world of the Song Contest.

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