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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Juke Box Jury 2024 #5
Malmo Arena (Photo: Håkan Dahlström / cc)

Ewan Spence is joined on Juke Box Jury by Nova and Olympia (from Team Novympia) to review the songs from Slovenia, Armenia, Portugal, Norway, and Lithuania.

Eurovision Chat Over Coffee, Eurovision Technical Director Ola Melzig
Eurovision Discussion / Chat Over Coffee Album Cover

M&M’s Ola Melzig sits down with Ewan Spence to talk about his role as Technical Director for Malmö 2024, deciding on and designing the impossible stages of Eurovision, and how he joined the Eurovision world…

The Other Controversies Impacting 2024’s Eurovision Song Contest
Stepanakert, the cpaital city of Nagorno-Karabakh (cc wikimedia / Vmakenas)

Phil Dore looks at two other controversies in the run-up to Malmö 2024 and asks how the EBU can address concerns about national representations on the Song Contest’s stage

The Choice That Is The Producer’s Choice

How will the “Producer’s Choice” change Eurovision, and why do the producers of Eurovision 2024 believe they need more power to create the running order anyway? ESC Insight looks at the latest change to Eurovision’s rules and regulations.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Juke Box Jury 2024 #4
Malmo Arena (Photo: Håkan Dahlström / cc)

Fin Ross Russell and Lucy Percy join Ewan Spence to discuss this year’s Eurovision songs from Iceland, Germany, Malta, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and Finland.

How Hotel Bookings Work in a Eurovision Host City

While Eurovision fans have to scramble each year to look for Eurovision hotel rooms, the host city ensures that each delegation and sponsors has enough rooms first. But how does this work, what happens to the extra rooms, and what advice do we have for future Eurovision host cities?

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