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Forget The Rules, Eurovision Cannot Bring Back The 2020 Songs
Photo: / Stijn Smulders

While the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest state that the songs entered for 2020 cannot return in 2021, given the changing times we live in, should the EBU think again? Luke Fisher explains why this goes against the ideals of the EBU and Eurovision itself.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Think Again About Things
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

Iceland’s RUV cheers everyone up, we might be getting more votes at Junior Eurovision, and a victory for Anna Bergendahl. All that and more in the latest Insight News Podcast.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Eurovision Again 1976
Eurovision Again podcast album cover

A companion podcast to Eurovision Again’s trip to The Hague in 1976 Join us as Ewan Spence and Ellie Chalkley go over the new rules, National Final gems, the State Of Pop, and more.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Our Hosts For Warsaw
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

Yes you can come to Warsaw, thinking about COVID-19, and Marriage is in the air. All that and more in the latest Insight News podcast from the team.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Eurovision Castaways with Matt Baker
Eurovision Castaways.

Matt Baker of the Second Cherry podcast and ESCXtra pays a visit to the Île de Bezençon, a Ellie Chalkley sorts out the paperwork around Matt’s eight Eurovision songs and luxuries in another Eurovision Castaways podcast.

What Might Happen If A Eurovision Artist Gets COVID-19?
Empty Stage and Microphone (Cc ac94/Flickr)

Two artists could not compete in the Dutch selection for Junior Eurovision due to testing positive for COVID-19. As we approach the National Finals and Rotterdam 2021, Ben Robertson looks at possible alternatives and their drawbacks.

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