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The Revelation And The Devastation Awaiting Hooverphonic’s Fans
Hooverphonic (

What happens when your little musical secret is pushed onto the Eurovision Song Contest stage? Derek Sillerud finds his love of Hooverphonic is about to be shared with our expansive community.

Eurovision Insight News Podcast: Don’t Take It Away Just Yet
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

Catch up on the latest Song Contest details with the Insight News podcast, including notices given, performers offered, and Netflix slogans

Eurovision Insight News Podcast: Rise Of The Internals
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest season continues, with new internal selections, no more four hour shows, and a little bit of Nightwish. Ewan Spence and the team round up the latest news, dates, and thoughts for the Insight News podcast.

It’s The Hope That Gets You: Thoughts On The BBC, BMG, and Eurovision 2020
BBC Eurovision heart logo for 2019 (

With today’s news that the BBC is collaborating with BMG to find the UK’s Song for Europe in 2020, Ewan Spence sounds a note of caution in all of the optimism.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Eurovision Castaways with Ann Squires
Eurovision Castaways.

Podcaster, educator and long time home-based contest appreciator Ann Squires of ESC Armchair and the Keep Dancing Podcast joins Ellie Chalkley on Île de Bezençon to talk lost rave classics, the joy of niche linguistics, and keeping Georgia weird.

Eurovision Insight News Podcast: Ahoy Rotterdam!
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As the Eurovision Song Contest says ‘Happy New Year”, Ewan Spence rounds up the latest news, dates, and thoughts in the opening Insight News podcast of the season.

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