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What Happens To Our History When You Use The New Eurovision Voting?

It's a simple change - what if the Semi Finals were always decided only by the voting audience - but that change can have huge repercussions on the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. Join the Insight team as we look at what could have happened if the juries never had a say.

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Why Eurovision’s Voting Change Makes No Difference, Yet Changes Everything
Eurovision Song Contest stage, 2016 (image:

Ben, Ewan, and Fin Ross look at the new voting changes to the Eurovision Song Contest, and what the changes mean to the Contest's continuing challenge to balance entertainment and competitiveness.

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Introducing The New Eurovision Server on Mastodon

Over 1 million people have joined Mastodon over the last month. This federated and decentralised social network now includes a server all about the Eurovision Song Contest. Ben Robertson speaks to the server's founder and finds out more about what makes this platform unique to others.

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Should Jury Problems Lead To Penalty Points?
Eurovision 2022 Audience (EBU / Sarah Louise Bennett)

We have outlined the reasons why the scores that replaced the six disqualified juries in Eurovision 2022 was not optimal, but is there a solution? ESC Insight's Ben Robertson has a radical option to make the votes reveal more fair and transparent than it is currently.

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15 Song Semi Final? Why Only Nine Should Qualify

The Eurovision Song Contest has in its rules that a maximum of 26 countries can compete in its Grand Final. But why run at full capacity when the number of competitors goes down? Ben Robertson explains why he would like to see a 24 song Grand Final for 2023, and beyond.

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