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Welcome to ESC Insight!

Thanks for visiting ESC insight. over the years we have expanded our content from a handful of podcasts to the point where we can reach an audience of half a million people through a mix of articles, social media, newsletters, ebooks, video, audio podcasts and radio broadcasts. Here’s a look at some of the major areas of our site.

Articles From Voices Around The World Of Eurovision

While Eurovision is a fast moving story, there are a lot of daily news sites out there already. There was no need to go and put together another site like that. So we wanted something that was not only different, but would also serve the community that has built up around the contest (and be fun to read). So we tend to more in-depth features and commentary. Think of us a bit like Newsweek, The Spectator or Time magazine when comparing us to the Red-Top Tabloid style of the daily news sites that report every day.

Some of the highlights of the 2017 season include a look at how Russian politics influenced the 2017 Contesthow many of the National Finals are organised to benefit the artists, and how to keep the voting at Eurovision trustworthy.

We also support the community with articles for those attending a Contest. These include tourist guides to the host city,  managing your health while at the Song Contest, and recognising the signs of PED… Post-Eurovision Depression.

You can browse our recent articles here.

The Unofficial Eurovision Song Contest Podcast

ESC Insight’s core product is our audio podcast. This runs throughout the year, fortnightly over the summer months, weekly during the ‘on-season’ period of September-April, and daily from the Press Centre.

For most of the year it runs as a magazine format, with news headlines, short discussions, and musical performances. During the two weeks of rehearsals in May it switches to the discussion panel format, hosted by ESC Insight’s Ewan Spence and featuring contributors from ESC Insight and other noted Eurovision voices.

Listen to our recent podcast episodes on the website, or find us in iTunes.

Juke Box Jury

In the eight weeks running up to the semi-finals and finals, we previewed each country’s song in our Juke Box Jury format, with discussion between two judges and host Ewan Spence before rating each song as hit, miss, or maybe.

Listen to the latest Juke Box Jury podcasts here.

Alternative Commentary Tracks

Our Alternative Commentaries are an integral part of the Eurovision experience for many of our readers and listeners as the download the commentaries to watch alongside the Song Contest, either live or synced with the on-demand streams of the Eurovision Song Contest

Listen to the latest commentary tracks here.

In-Depth Insight Podcasts

The occasion ‘in-depth’ Insight podcasts allow ESC Insight to explore the Eurovision Song Contest with a single guest for an extended length show. For 2016 we focused on the renewed efforts of the UK delegation, the creative process an entry experiences, and the thoughts from the Contest’s scriptwriter.

Listen to our In-Depth Interviews here.

The ESC Insight Email Newsletter

Our regular email newsletter is published throughout the year. During the summer months it runs  monthly, and as the ‘season’ started in September the newsletter moves to a fortnightly then a weekly schedule, before moving to a thrice-weekly format during the two weeks of rehearsals.

Details on the Newsletter, access to the archives, and subscription options can be found here.

We hope you’ll come back!

ESC Insight is updated regularly every week of the year, so you’ll always find something when you visit us. If you’d rather add us to Google Reader or your favourite RSS reading application, or feed is Youll aslo be able to get updates on our Facebook Page, and talk to us on Twitter. (@ESCinsight)

Oh and the site was started by Sharleen and Ewan, but there’s lots of people helping out, think of us as the janitors!

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