Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

While everyone stops for the festive holidays, don’t forget that Eurovision never stops. ESC Insight will be here with the news from Albania’s ‘Festivali i Kenges,’ looking back at 2011, and gearing up for a momentous 2012 seasons. All with electric guitars.

Nul Points! The Eurovision Quiz Show
Nul Points Album Cover

A festive treat for you, as we invite four more Eurovision pundits – JP Boernig, Liam Clark, Luke Fisher, and Ervin Juhasz – to compete for glory in our Eurovision Comedy Panel Quiz Show, Nul Points!

Ten Classic Eurovision National Final Songs That Never Made It
Roy Delaney

You know the best time to be a Eurovision fan? Slap bang in the middle of the National Finals. It feels like a new Eurovision Song Contest every weekend, an overload of classics, all soon to be forgotten. Until Roy Delaney picks out his favourite songs that never made it to the Finals…

From Python to the Press Centre, via Minnesota

Continuing our series of asking the lead writers at ESC Insight “Why Eurovision?” the Spanish Inquisition turns to Samantha Ross. Still busy on ESC Insider with her personal thoughts as well as the more feature based content on this site, the answer from the American is as unique and familiar as all of our stories.

Nine things the Grown-ups can learn from Junior Eurovision
Junior Eurovision JESC 2011 Stage

Dear grown-ups, were you watching Junior Eurovision at the start of the month? Did you see anything that you’d like to borrow for May? Because we did. If you want to make the Adult Song Contest even better, why not learn from the younger generation?

Eurovision Insight Podcast: The Unbreakable Lys Assia
ESC Insight podcast album art (with border)

We have our first song for Europe (via Switzerland), more names for National Finals, more teasing from Maja Keuc, and music from Sinplus in this week’s Insight podcast.

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