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Terry Vision’s Eye On Eurovision: The Matrix Revisited
Terry on the shoulder Thumbnail

Thanks to YouTube, Terry Vision can't bring you the Czech Republic, but never fear, he'll look to make it up to you with some thoughts on Romania, Russia, Belarus, and the truth behind Norway in his latest Eye On Eurovision!

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Terry Vision’s Eye On Eurovision: The Goblet Of Fire
Terry Vision (Thumb)

What do The Goblet Of Fire, Heart And Soul, and five record players mean to this year's Eurovision Song Contest? Watch Terry Vision's new show, 'Eye on Eurovision' to find out!

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Terry And Sam Open The Press Bag
Sam and Terry open the bag of tat in the Press Centre

One of the big talking points at the Song Contest this year is the press bag. Sam and Terry find a corner of the press centre with a suitably Austrian backdrop to explore the promotional material on offer at the 2015 Contest.

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Every Song A Story: Themes And Symbols
The Common Linnets (Icon)

In the concluding 'Every Song A Story' video essay, Ewan looks at themes and symbols that can be repeated throughout Eurovision, both on stage, and in the official promotional videos. How can a delegation increase connections and emotions with the audience in the three minutes on stage, and in the weeks beforehand?

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Every Song A Story: Michael Bay’s Eurovision
Michael Bay (Thumbnail)

If there's one man who can create stunning visual images on the screen, it's Michael Bay. But can the cinematic lessons of Bayhem apply to the Eurovision Song Contest? Ewan investigates in the next video essay from 'Every Song A Story'.

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