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Every Song A Story: Framing The Performance
Chanée and n'evergreen

With examples stretching from 2014 right back to 1959, this week's 'Every Song A Story' video essay looks at framing a Eurovision performance . How do you film the classic stories of boy meets girl, boy leaves girl, girl decides they need to get back together, boy tries to run away, and beyond?

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Every Song A Story: Making A Personal Connection
Ewan Spence, commentating for Eurovision

The visual element of a performance at The Eurovision Song Contest can play a huge part in a winning song. In our new series of video essays, Ewan looks at the impact of cinematography on the Song Contest, starting with how visual moments can build a connection between the singer and the viewer.

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Terry Vision Meets The President Of Malta
Terry Vision meets The President of Malta

It's a hard life, covering Eurovision. Our Senior Interviewer, Terry Vision has rolled up to Valetta a few days after everything has started... and he only goes and bumps into the Maltese Preseident?

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Every Eurovision Song: Some Video Highlights
Every Eurovision Song Icon

Now for something a little different for the latest 'Every Eurovision Song' recap, as Ewan lifts out some of the more light-hearted moments from the Song Contest.

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You Threw Us Down, But We’re Gonna Fly
Conchita Wurst Winer's Reprise Finger Icon

Watching back the Grand Final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest over a welcome Scottish breakfast, Vikki leans over to me and asks "did you spot the lyric change at the end?" Wait a minute. Strike that, Conchita. Reverse it. What lyric change?

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