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Probably the Fairytale with the happiest ending in the world

Is Alexander Rybak more than jaunty violins and fluffy songs of princesses and true love? Yes, but only on side two of his debut album, Fairytales.

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Last place at Eurovision? They can stop the sting

Who knows why Dervish failed to deliver for Ireland in 2007, because their music, live performances and track record said otherwise. As does their album that year, Travelling Show.

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The five hoarse men of the Arockalypse

The average Eurovision fan tries to forget about Lordi's victory in 2006, but this was a band that knew what they could play, and knew they could play it well. Their discography proves that, and none more so than "The Arockalypse".

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Songs from an Icelandic Soul

Any other year and Yohanna would have won Eurovision, but the young singer did Iceland proud - and it wasn't a one-off, because her album is full of the soft sultry songs that fit her voice perfectly.

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