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Download your Junior Eurovision Scorecard for 2010

It’s that time of year again, and as another Eurovision approaches, you think 'how will I keep track of the running order and what I think of the Junior Eurovision singers?' Look no further, as it’s time for the ever popular downloadable score-card to appear!

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The Finnish monsters give birth to a classic slice of rock

The theatrical winners of Eurovision 2006 are back with their latest album "Babez for Breakfast." It promises more of their fun filled heavy metal, with a comforting (albeit loud) collection of power chords, over the top lyrics and musical ability. Let’s spin it up and see what the latex delivers this time around.

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Are you going to watch Junior Eurovision this Saturday?

Time for this week’s poll question. Many people, including my children, are eagerly awaiting the Junior Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday 20th, but it’s not to every fans taste, with many of them skipping it simply because of the ‘kid’ nature of the show... glossing over Sandra Kim’s victory. Will you be watching?

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Could Jools Holland be the UK’s Eurovision salvation?

The BBC’s track record in song selection and national finals has not been stellar in the last decade. Rather than rely momentum and dusting down last year’s plan, something radical needs to be done to guarantee the UK doesn’t embarrass themselves around Europe.

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Finally I’ve found what I wanted – some Petr Elfimov

You might remember the steadicam shot from The Eyes That Never Lie, but there's much more to Petr Elfimov than a white lyrca jumpsuit and 80's rock riffs. Now avaialble to download from his website, the album "I Want..." is a wonderful showcase for the Belarusian singer.

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