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Eurovision Insight Podcast: The Exciting Renewal Of Finland’s UMK
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Ellie Chalkley explores the exciting renewal of Finland’s UMK selection in ‘Looking Back, Looking Forwards,’ in our latest Insight Podcast.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Welcome To The Summer
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As the Eurovision Summer begins, we move into the ‘off-season’. Ewan Spence brings you the latest from the world of the Song Contest in the Insight News podcast.

Nine Things We Expect From The Netherlands And Eurovision 2021
Rotterdams Ahoy Theatre (

Now that the ‘season clock’ has been reset and we’re at the start of our 2021 journey, Ewan Spence, with a touch of deja vu, looks ahead to Rotterdam 2021 and what we can expect from the Eurovision Song Contest in The Netherlands.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Some Thoughts As The Season Ends
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As the Eurovision Song Contest season comes to close, Ewan Spence and the Insight team take a moment to look back and reflect on Rotterdam 2020 in our closing podcast for the year.

Fan Fiction, Finals, And The Eurovision Song Contest 2020
Europe Shine A Light Rehearsals (

Ewan Spence looks to the world of Fan Fiction to find out how the Eurovision Song Contest community can address the cancellation of Rotterdam 2020 and the pain of not finding a winner to end this year’s story.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Juke Box Jury 2020 Championship, The Grand Final
Juke Box Jury Championship, Golden Gavel Album Artwork (image cc/pxfuel)

Welcome to the Grand Final of Juke Box Jury. Ewan Spence is joined by Ross Middleton and Samantha Ross to find the winner of the Golden Gavel. Competing are Lithuania, Iceland, The Netherlands, and Bulgaria.

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