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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Eurovision Castaways with Ann Squires
Eurovision Castaways.

Podcaster, educator and long time home-based contest appreciator Ann Squires of ESC Armchair and the Keep Dancing Podcast joins Ellie Chalkley on Île de Bezençon to talk lost rave classics, the joy of niche linguistics, and keeping Georgia weird.

Eurovision Insight News Podcast: Ahoy Rotterdam!
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

As the Eurovision Song Contest says ‘Happy New Year”, Ewan Spence rounds up the latest news, dates, and thoughts in the opening Insight News podcast of the season.

Eurovision Insight News Podcast: The Long Summer Of Waiting Continues
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

Our latest Insight News podcast from the summer months of Eurovision. We’re waiting for more details from The Netherlands on 2020, looking forward to Junior Eurovision 2019, and getting ready for the first selection shows of the season.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Eurovision Castaways with Alice Beverton-Palmer
Eurovision Castaways.

The ESC Insight crew and friends are off to Île de Bezençon for the summer with their favourite Eurovision related songs and stories. Podcaster & social media maven Alice Beverton-Palmer joins Ellie Chalkley with a basket full of bangers, an inspirational Austrian, and an examination of the manners and etiquette around lanyards to the Island.

EuroNoize: No Borders, No Limits
Ellie meets Winny Puuh backstage (image: Ellie Chalkley)

ESC Insight has been following the EuroNoize avant-garde song contest with great interest. Ellie Chalkley reflects on her experiences reporting on the contest from backstage, and considers what it means to be able to speak freely about music, politics and gravity.

Eurovision Insight News Podcast: Your First Eurovision Podcast For The Summer
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

Our first summer news podcast from the Eurovision World. Looking back at Tel Aviv 2019, looking forward to 2020, and not forgetting about Eurovision Choir or Junior Eurovision 2019.

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