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The Importance Of The Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Sharleen Wright examines the reasons for the negativity towards the youth contest, and puts forward reasons why Junior is important to remain on TV.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Minsk, Saturday 24th November
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Second rehearsals are over, and all that’s left is a few run throughs before the big show. What final changes have been made? Ewan Spence takes note with Nathan Waddell and Chris Hannaford in Minsk at Junior Eurovision 2018 for the daily Insight News podcast.

Why Junior Eurovision Needs A Dedicated Children’s Ambassador

Junior Eurovision 2018 may have a record number of entries, but large swathes of the continent, including all of Scandinavia, are still absent. Ben Robertson argues that part of the reason for this is that Junior Eurovision’s child welfare is not strong enough, and outlines what role the EBU should create to improve the Junior Eurovision experience for all competitors to even greater levels.

Wales’ Long Road To The Junior Eurovision Song
Manw singing ahead of Wales' debut at Junior Eurovision.

After five decades of attempting to get a place on stage, the small principality of Wales will be making its Eurovision debut at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Guest writer Luke Davies examine why Wales’ debut is seen as historic to critics and fans alike.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Minsk, Friday 23rd November
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Looking back at the first batch of second rehearsals. Tighten the camera, move the props a bit faster, and add a pinch of Fighting Talk. Samuel Deakin and Nathan Waddell join Ewan Spence on ESC Insight’s daily news podcast from Junior Eurovision 2018.

Paths To Victory: How To Win Junior Eurovision Before You Start Singing
The Junior Eurovision 2018 stage (Andres Putting/EBU)

If the goal is to win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, how should a delegation work its way towards victory? Ewan Spence looks at the paths to victory at Junior Eurovision 2018 and what elements the winning package will need.

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