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Newsletter: 2018 Is Already A Bumper Year for National Selections Written by on October 19, 2017

In a possible example of the ‘Salvador effect’, broadcasters across Europe are moving away from internal selection and aiming to revamp and revitalise their national selection formats for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. In the latest edition of the ESC Insight Newsletter,  John Lucas explores what fans can expect from the upcoming silly season…

This week’s newsletter also takes a closer look at recent announcements from Malta and San Marino, plus the latest developments in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017. You can read the newsletter in full here, or subscribe for a bi-weekly dose of Eurovision insight and analysis delivered direct to your email inbox.

As a little taster of what you can expect, here’s some musical inspiration courtesy of the ESC Insight October Playlist…

ESC Insight October Playlist

Mary Epworth – Me Swimming

I’ve long protested to anyone who’ll listen that if the UK is ever going to get seriously competitive at Eurovision again, we need to find our Anouk/Common Linnets moment. A seasoned performer and songwriter given the opportunity to produce something truly distinctive and true to themselves.

Critically acclaimed electro-folk chanteuse Mary Epworth could well be that artist. An avowed Eurovision fan, she recently revealed she’d love to represent the UK in the contest in an interview with Radio 6’s Lauren Laverne – provided she could write her own song. If the talent scouts behind Eurovision: You Decide aren’t heavily courting her already, they should be… – John Lucas

Imri – Alive

The image of him glowing during his semi-final performance was just lovely. A real Eurovision fan living out his dream of singing on the Eurovision stage! – John Egan

Modà ft Emma Marrone – Come in un film

Sanremo 2011 saw Arriverà, a duet of Modà and Emma Marrone, put in a superb second-place performance and arguably set up Emma for her victory the following year with ‘Non è l’inferno’ (one of Italy’s recent ’shouldasent’ songs).

Truth be told I could have listed either of those here, but you’re getting another collaboration between the two. ‘Come In Un Film’ takes all the elements I love from the Italian sound and genre smashes them into a single four minute burst; the big Italian ballad, the huge female vocals that shred an entire hall, fantastically simple staging in the video, and some solid guitar licks and driving bass lines. – Ewan Spence

Nathan Trent – Good Vibes

I’m currently loving Nathan Trent’s new single ‘Good Vibes’, it’s a bit of a summery song but maybe it’ll help stretch the summer out a bit further.

I was slightly embarrassed when it came round on my playlist last night while Nathan was in my car, but we skipped over it and listened to something else instead!! (No one likes to hear themselves back, broadcasters and singers alike!!) – Lisa-Jayne Lewis

Aarzemnieki – Visi kopā 

As summer turns to fall (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway), we’ve fully entered what I like to call “cozy season”. Getting your sweaters out of storage, sipping warm apple cider, and the smell of fallen leaves, ideally all experienced with friends.

Listening to ‘Visi kopā’ the new album by Aarzemnieki, just released in the past few weeks, I get that same feeling of campfire comfort. The album has a few familiar favourites (‘Cake to Bake, of course, as well as ‘Paldies Latiņam and ‘Savējais, which had been released earlier), with a number of new tracks, mostly in Latvian, but all with the vibe of a jovial sing-along around a bonfire with your best buddies. Let’s be honest here: who doesn’t need a bit more simple, unpretentious joy in their lives? – Samantha Ross

Poli Genova – If Love Was a Crime

My love for ‘If Love Was A Crime’ grows with time, and its message of hopefulness and solidarity only gets more necessary. Also, she rocked Eurofest on Friday night. – Ellie Chalkley

Jessica Mauboy – Then I Met You

Right now, Australia is in the throes of Jess Mauboy mania, yet again. She’s just received the highest amount of nominations in our music awards – Arias, and the new series of The Secret Daughter is about to start starring Jess (in which she won an award for her acting earlier this year). There is a feeling amongst some that its time to send her back to Eurovision – she can prove herself to be better than ‘Sea of Flags‘. – Sharleen Wright

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About The Author: John Lucas

A writer and content marketing professional with a passion for getting lost in strange cities and a strange fascination with micro states, John has been with ESC Insight since 2015 and has also had his writing featured in publications including The Guardian, Popjustice and So So Gay. Tweetable @JLucas86.

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