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Play the Eurovision “Epic Sax Game”

If there’s one Eurovision item in the last week that the team at ESC Insight love more than anything, it’s Pippin Barr’s web browser game Epic Sax Game.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: The Music of Azerbaijan
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The Epic Sax game is here! That would normally be enough, but there’s more news from the world of the Eurovision Song Contest, along with music from Alim Qasimov, in this weeks Eurovision Insight news podcast.

From Anneke to Gaitana: Race and Ethnicity at The Eurovision Song Contest

There is an undeniable sense of patriotism and national pride tied into the Eurovision Song Contest. But what happens if the person representing a country doesn’t quite fit into the stereotypical mold of what a Turk, a Norwegian, a Ukrainian, or any other nationality is ‘expected’ to be? Is Eurovision about bringing people of all nations together, or is it about showing off a constructed image of what a country is expected to look like?

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Juke Box Jury 2012 #1
Juke Box Jury 2012 Album Cover

Elaine Dove and David Elder start the new season of Juke Box Jury as we work through the songs of Eurovision 2012. This week Albania, Finland, Moldova, The Netherlands, and Turkey.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Life, The Universe, and 42 Songs
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And for a moment, I thought we had all the songs for this year’s Eurovision. Ah well, we got nearly all of them, a running order, and lots to look forward to in April and May. It;s time for the regular Insight podcast!

Who said nationalism was dead?

With hundreds of Eurovision Song Contest fans  heading to Stockholm for the Melodifestivalen final, the national final season is nearly over. How did national finals become such a part of the build up to Eurovision and why some more than others? Dr Paul Jordan investigates…

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