A Beginners Guide to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest
JESC 2011 Album Art

It’s less than a month until Junior Eurovision 2011 (and we’ll be starting Junior Juke Box Jury next week). But first, a quick primer on JESC for those new to one of the biggest Song Contest for young people in the world.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Let the streaming begin!
ESC Insight podcast album art (with border)

As the Swiss-Italian semi final kicks off the streaming season, it’s time for your regular Eurovision News podcast, with our first confirmed Melodifestivalen singer, more finalists from Slovenia, and musical remixes of Geir Ronning.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: With lots of NF Submissions
ESC Insight podcast album art (with border)

A bumper crop of news from the world of Eurovision (including the Junior Eurovision Song Contest), with song submissions, National Final heats, PR fluff from Jedward, the new beer of Eurovision, and music from Sosofluo.

Looking into the Crystal Ball and Baku’s Crystal Arena
Samantha Ross

What will Azerbaijan have in store for the Song Contest in 2012? The ESC Insider’s Samantha Ross decides to do some Eurovision stargazing and wonder what’s going to be in store for everyone descending on The Land of Fire next May.

A little light house-keeping
A little lighthouse keeping

Announcing two projects from the ESC Insight team: our updated web directory of Eurovision Song Contest sites, and ESC Buzz, a window on the fast moving world of Eurovision reporting.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Votes, Relics, and Independence Parties
ESC Insight podcast album art (with border)

The latest Eurovision news in the Insight Podcast, with more JESC finalists, ESC National Final heats, the return of Lys Assia, Ell and Nikki in London, and music from the Rast Jazz Group.

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