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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Let’s Go To See The Sea

Let Lisa-Jayne Lewis fill you in on the latest news of who’ll be joining us aboard the good ship Eurovision, and what we can expect when we reach the port of Lisbon.

Making Sense Of The 2018 Semi Final Pot Allocation

With the Semi-Final pots now announced, John Egan has examined the distribution. Why are countries grouped the way they are, what purpose do the pots serve in today’s Eurovision, and is there an impact on qualification?

Eurovision Insight Podcast: The Greatest Song Show On Earth
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

Another seven days of Eurovision action reported in the weekly Insight News podcast. Ewan Spence bring you memories of a caption, dreams of Duran Duran, and no Hugh Jackman; plus music from Conchita.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Take Five, Georgia’s Got This
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

Well that was a busy week! Join Ewan Spence for the latest Insight News podcast, with Georgian Jazz, Norwegian hints, and Belorussian mistranslations.

Exploring The Creative Mission Of The Eurovision Fan House
Eurovision Fanhouse Logo

Launched in May 2017, the Eurovision Fanhouse hopes to be the new home for online fans of the Song Contest. Sharleen Wright sat down with CEO Izabela Depczyk from The Native, to find out more about the new digital building on the musical block.

ESC Insight’s Musical Moments Of 2017: Part Two
The Kyiv Skyline (Thumb)

It’s been a pleasure to cover Eurovision for you all, and we’re ready to enjoy 2018. But first, a final chance to look back on 2017, as the ESC insight contributors and friends of the parish highlight their Musical Moments of the year (the editorial team covered their picks yesterday).

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