Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Kyiv, Sunday 30th April
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Welcome to Kyiv! Ahead of the first rehearsals, Ewan and Sharleen sit down to look back at the National Final season, and a few points to watch for in the next two weeks in the first Insight podcast from backstage at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Juke Box Jury #8
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The final Juke Box Jury podcast for Kyiv 2017 sees Ellie Chalkley and Jon Jacob join Ewan Spence to hand out the hits, misses, and maybes, to Norway, Switzerland, Portugal, San Marino, and Armenia.

Listen to The Eurovision 2017 Preview From Europe’s Heartbeat
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Every week ESC Insight’s Ewan Spence has been previewing the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 on his weekly radio show Europe’s Heartbeat. Now you can listen to the shows again online.

Eurovision 2017 By The Numbers
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Well, it’s been a roller coaster National Final season, April this year has had more politics than all the other Aprils added together, but we’re all ready to gather under the Eurovision 2017 banner. Before she puts on her delegation badge, Samantha Ross looks over the Class of 2017 to discover what sort of Song Contest we’re going to have in Kyiv.

A Sneak Peak At ESC Insight’s Plans For Kyiv
Laura Tesoro, Belgium Eurosong 2016 (image: Ewan Spence)

Whilst everyone else is busy finishing off all their polls and hit lists for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the team at ESC Insight are hard at work finalising our coverage plans for Kyiv. Ewan Spence and Sharleen Wright offer a sneak preview of our plans with the return of some old favourites as well as new ideas to look forward to (and this year you’ll be able to contribute to as well).

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Juke Box Jury #7
Juke Box Jury 2017 Album

Ewan Spence is joined by Ben Morris and Dave Cargill for another round of Juke Box Jury. This year’s songs from Poland, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Albania, the United Kingdom, and Italy are facing hit, miss, or maybe.

This Is Kyiv: Your Important Travel Questions
The Kyiv skyline

ESC Insight has covered what to do in Kyiv but how do you actually get there? What are the logistics that you really should know before your arrival? Sharleen Wright answers your questions…

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