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Newsletter: Team Insight Are Ready For Lisbon!
John P Lucas

With Eurovision 2018 rapidly approaching, the ESC Insight team is preparing to touch down in Lisbon for two weeks of dedicated coverage. Find out more about our plans in this week’s newsletter…

Don’t Go Without Me: Rebooting Music Careers At Eurovision 1988
Celine Dion

Thirty years ago fans of the Eurovision Song Contest were given a special treat: a nail-biting finish, with the champion crowned on the very last set of points awarded—who went on to become a global superstar. John Egan takes a look back at Dublin 1988.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Hilda’s Wall Of Death
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

Ewan Spence returns to the insight News chair to look over the final previews, to talk about EuroVillages and Fan Cafes, and run down the start of a new cycle of PR stories for the general public. Lisbon 2018… seven days closer… Eurovision Insight Podcast: Hilda’s Wall Of Death SuRie builds bridges to France, EuroCafe […]

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Juke Box Jury #7
ESC Insight, Juke Box Jury 2018 Album Cover

Round seven of Eurovision 2018’s Juke Box Jury, as Ewan Spence is joined by Elaine Dove and Robert Peacock to call out hit, miss or maybe, for Cyprus, Albania, Malta, France, and the Czech Republic.

Fireworks And Feelings: What We Mean When We Say ‘Real Music’

Hello Internet. One of the big themes of the Song Contest this year is this idea of real music. What even is real music? What do we mean and who do we exclude when we talk about real music? As the resident insufferable hipster at ESC Insight, I’d like to tell you a story about my relationship with real music.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Rainmakers & Dressmakers
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

Your weekly round-up of news from the world of Eurovision includes a very special returning artist for France, a mysterious flight case and a potentially miraculous fall of rain.

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