Bursting the Eurovision Bubble: Perspectives on Perspective

While we in the Eurovision Fan community love the number-crunching and scoreboard-predicting of the run-up to the Contest, are we too focused on potentially false prophets? Samantha Ross takes a look at the importance of taking a step back, and listening to one’s first instincts.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Stockholm, Wednesday 4th May
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The second group of rehearsals from the first semi-final are discussed with Ewan Spence leading the discussion, joined by Samantha Ross, Month Moncrieff, and Andrew Main. Why do we love the Czech Republic, what about the Icelandic emissions, and is it that kind of show?

I Heard It Calling Me… And This Is What It Sounds Like

Everyone remembers their first Eurovision Song Contest… and everyone in the press contingent remembers their first adventure into the Press Centre. But what happens in the transition between following the Contest and covering the Contest? Jasmin Bear talks about her journey.

John’s Stockholm Sketches: The Power of the Press
John P Lucas

As the Eurovision Song Contest has expanded, sharing rehearsals and meet and greet time with visiting journalists has become an integral part of the process. But what influence does the fan press really have, and how can the artists harness it to the benefit of their performances?

This is Stockholm: Our Schedule Highlights
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Coming to Eurovision this year? Have no idea what to do or when it is happening? Find all the schedules in this article and read our top tips for the best events to go to this Eurovision!

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