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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Juke Box Jury 2011 #2

Andrew Main and David Elder pick up the gavel and call six more countries into the Juke Box Jury dock. Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary and Finland are all looking to be hits, but what will the judges think?

Eurovision goes Mini-pop with Ben Morris

What happens when you take an artist, with a keen eye for caricature, and throw in a love for the Eurovision Song Contest? You get Ben Morris and his Eurovision Mini-pops!

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Marketing with Musical Stems

This week’s news, including changes to the Reference Group, lots of “what language will this song be sung in”, remix stems from Croatia and music from Nina.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Juke Box Jury 2011 #1

Time to start the Juke Box Jury shows for the 2011 songs. Joining stalwart Paul Jordan is our first special judge in the form of UK Eurovision singer Nicki French This week the judges listen to Albania, Romania, the Netherlands, Ireland and Switzerland.

A study in Eurovision – the world of Eurovision researchers
Paul Jordan

The Eurovision Song Contest is an event which has a plethora of meanings for various people across the world. For some, its an entertaining event filled with music that they love. For others, Eurovision also represents serious work in terms of covering the event for the masses. However there is growing number that are looking at Eurovision and issues surrounding this event through an academic lens. Paul Jordan introduces us to the world of the Eurovision Research Network…

Eurovision Insight Podcast: We have our 43 songs

We have our 43 countries, we have the Semi Final running orders, and we have music from Belarus. So let’s find out what’s been going on this week in the world of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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