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Why Eurovision? Well, I got a PhD out of it!

Who would have thought that what started as a childhood hobby would turn into something which would have such an impact upon my education and essentially my professional development? Not me – at least, not then!

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Runners, Riders, and Results
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Results from last week’s National Finals, news on the heats and finals going on this week, the complete entry list to Eurovision 2012 and music from Erica Mou. This week’s podcast, hosted as always by Ewan Spence.

Into the Valley of Song rode the Forty Three

We have our entry list, and the forty three countries who have submitted an application are known. As Eurovision 2012 takes shape, what’s drawing the attention of the ESC Insight team?

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Can you hear the Wind Machine?
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There’s National Final action every weekend from now until the middle of March when we will know all the song for Eurovision 2012. So what’s the state of play this week? With music from Greta Salome and Jonsi.

Why Eurovision? I blame John Wayne…
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We continue to ask our writers the question “Why Eurovision?”, and now it’s the turn of ESC Insight’s editor, Ewan Spence. And it all starts with a cowboy, a black & white television, and Sally Ann Triplett.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: The George Clooney Edition
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Will it be 42 or 43 in Baku? We still await news on the final entry list, but the heats continue as countries around the continent search for their Song for Europe. With details on date changes, deadline problems, musical selections and music from Gianni and the Maltese selection, it’s the latest news from the ESC Insight podcast.

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