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How do you solve a problem like Barrowman?

A simple question. Is it the end of the world if the United Kingdom pick John Barrowman to sing at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? No. Let me tell you why the United Kingdom needs a “Mr Saturday Night” for Baku.

We’re off to the Austrian Final with BMI!

With a little help from BMI, the ESC Insight team is going to be covering one of the most competitive National Finals this weekend in Vienna at the ORF-Zentrum. Follow us on Twitter (@ESCinsight) for all the action.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Torchwood… douze points?
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The longest National Final day is over, and we have the reports on the winners who are heading to Baku, and those who progress out their country’s semi finals. And what about the United Kingdom, was our song sneakily put out on Wednesday? Probably not. Anyway, time for your weekly news from Ewan Spence and ESC Insight

How far can you push the rulebook at Eurovision?
Pierluigi Collina

Like any competition, the Eurovision Song Contest has rules that everyone follows. And like any contest, there have been memorable moments when delegations have pushed the limits to try and gain an advantage. Ewan Spence takes a closer look at those moments that had us all scrambling for the rulebook.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: The One With Brian May
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Ticket and Hotel dates announced, winning songs chosen, more performer eliminated from National Finals, and why this might be the year of the Grannies. Your weekly Insight podcast into the world of Eurovision (and music from Irene Foraciari)

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Visa at the airport? That’ll do nicely
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Visa and budget news from Azerbaijan, winning songs from Malta, National finalists from Norway, running orders from Iceland, music from Moldova, and more in this week’s Insight podcast from the world of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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