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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Just 348 Days To Go…
ESC Insight 2012 Album Cover

It all starts again. Even as we look back on the 2012 contest, our next Eurovision cities are calling us. Amsterdam (JESC 2012) and Stockholm (ESC 2013, and yes, we’re 99.95% sure it’s going to the capital) are on the horizon, and we’ll have all the news, national finals, gossip, and entries as they happen in the regular ESC Insight podcast.

The Brand New Top 100 Eurovision Chart – updated for 2012
Boronovskyie Babushki

Updated for 2012, the Top 100 has now been revised to reflect the changes brought on by this year’s results. Only two of the twenty six finalists made it – take a look to see where they placed…

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Ewan Spence

We might have left Baku, but the story of Eurovision continues. Make sure you never miss out on your Song Contest fix by subscribing to our Email Newsletter!

Where’s the UK Stefan Raab? He’s hiding at BBC Scotland
Vic Galloway

The UK’s Eurovision strategy needs to change. Not when the BBC sit down in January 2013 to plan for Sweden, but right now. ESC Insight has come to a simple conclusion. There is one man who can save Eurovision, who can bring the UK respectability, and maybe even a victory. Who is that man?

Stop blaming everyone else over your Eurovision loss… look in the mirror
Engelbert Humperdinck Overcompensating

Let’s set a few myths straight before we go any further, because it’s important to understand why your country failed at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. It wasn’t every other country ganging up on you, it wasn’t political voting, it wasn’t all the voting blocks making it predictable… there’s nowhere to hide.

Relive Eurovision 2012 with ESC Insight

We’re all home, and Post Eurovision Depression is kicking in for some. But if you’re not quite ready to let go yet, or want to check that you haven’t missed anything, we’ve collected links to all the 2012 Coverage from ESC Insight on a single page.

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