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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Submissions start to close
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We’re up to 35 countries who’ve said yes to Eurovision 2013, and the National Final submission process is well under way. Time for some more numbers and news in the latest podcast, with music from Marcello Alexander as he sings ‘Im Hotel Mama’

Five Alternatives To A UK National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest
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If the BBC don’t have a National Final, what other options are there? Here are five ideas from ESC Insight that could be used to select the United Kingdom’s entry for The Eurovision Song Contest.

Can Phone Votes Cover The Cost Of The BBC’s National Final?
BBC Media City

If the smaller programming budgets at the BBC may prevent a ‘Song for Europe’ style show to select the UK’s Eurovision 2013 song, “why not use the money from the phone vote to pay for the National Final?” Time to break out the ESC Insight calculators to see if this really is an option.

Ben Morris’ Minipops get their own site

A quick heads up to let all our readers know that the Minipops, Ben Morris’s popular creations, now have their own home on the internet. Head over to

Not Quite Eurovision… Alternative Song Contests from around the World
Girl Generation

Still suffering from Post Eurovision Depression (PED)? Sam has the cure, or at least some placebos to help get you through May to December, as she looks at some of the other big Song Contests and Festivals around the world.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Game On, Ikea!
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September 1st has passed, and the Eurovision Song Contest is now ‘in season’. Our latest podcast has the news from JESC, National Final dates, music from Männerchor Steili Kressä, and more!

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