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ESC Insight Asks: What Next For The Ever Changing Song Contest?
Corry Brokken (thumbnail) (Image: EBU)

The Eurovision Song Contest has been an ever-changing beast, reflecting the changes in society, entertainment, and politics, since it was launched in 1956. Change is the only constant at the Song Contest, so what's coming over the next decade? ESC Insight looks to answer that question....

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ESC Insight Asks: “What’s Your Dealbreaker?”
Cezar, Romania 2013 (image EBU)

We here at ESC Insight are an opinionated bunch, and the time has come once again for us to grapple with the big questions facing the Contest. Today, we'll look at a more personal side of the Eurovision experience: when we listen to the cavalcade of songs that are coming down the pipeline this time of year, what repels us from an entry?

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ESC Insight Asks: Who From Junior Should Be Promoted To First Team Action?

The ESC Insight team look back through Junior Eurovision to look forward, who else do we want to see from Junior Eurovision grace the larger Eurovision stage in a not-too-distant May?

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ESC Insight Asks: Should Pop And Politics Mix?

Eurovision - as we are frequently reminded - is about music, not politics. Well, that’s the theory. But in reality is it ever truly possible to totally separate the performers onstage from the implications of their nationality? Or is it inevitable that the political situation in a given country always has the potential to in some way colour your perception of their entries? John Lucas asks the question and all of ESC Insight tries to answer

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ESC Insight Asks ‘What Happens Next?’
SVT's Eurovision Logo

While the Press Center in Stockholm won’t open for another nine months, Eurovision 'on-season' technically starts on September 1... today! As we wait for more news on participating nations and their flagbearers for 2016, we wanted to ask a simple question. What are you most looking forward to for this upcoming year?

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