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Junior Eurovision’s Greatest Gift To The Song Contest
Viki Gabor at JESC 2020 Opening Ceremony (Image: Smulders)

With next year’s Eurovision Song Contest facing the unknown impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Ewan Spence lays out why Junior Eurovision is an important part of planning for Rotterdam 2021.

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Junior Eurovision’s 2020 Running Order, And Why It Barely Matters
Viki Gabor at JESC 2020 Opening Ceremony (Image: Smulders)

The Junior Eurovision Opening Ceremony has taken place and now we have a running order. 2020 is a year like no other and Ben Robertson reasons that our running order for this competition has never mattered so little before. Let him explain why.

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Eurovision’s Sensible Semi Final Draw Decision
Semi Final Draw, Eurovision 2018 (

With the EBU’s announcement that the Semi Final Allocation Draw from 2020 will be carried forward unchanged into Rotterdam 2021, Samantha Ross takes a look at how this unusual step will benefit organisers, delegations, and fans alike.

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Forget The Rules, Eurovision Cannot Bring Back The 2020 Songs
Photo: / Stijn Smulders

While the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest state that the songs entered for 2020 cannot return in 2021, given the changing times we live in, should the EBU think again? Luke Fisher explains why this goes against the ideals of the EBU and Eurovision itself.

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What Might Happen If A Eurovision Artist Gets COVID-19?
Empty Stage and Microphone (Cc ac94/Flickr)

Two artists could not compete in the Dutch selection for Junior Eurovision due to testing positive for COVID-19. As we approach the National Finals and Rotterdam 2021, Ben Robertson looks at possible alternatives and their drawbacks.

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