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The Eurovision 2024 Grand Final Running Order Analysis

The day before the Eurovision Grand Final is here, and as tradition we have our analysis of the storylines, splits, winners and losers as we travel from song 1 to song 26.

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Your Spotter’s Guide To The Second Semi Final Of Eurovision 2024
Joost Klein, Netherlands 2004 (image EBU / Sarah Lousie Bennett)

What's coming up in part two of  Eurovision? Need to know when to really pay attention? Want to know what exciting surprises are in store? Our Spotter’s Guide has got you covered!

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Amen: The Past, Present, and Future of Sampling at Eurovision
Mixing desk in a recording studio

A tried and true musical production technique has been bubbling up at Eurovision more and more, but what does it mean for our Contest? Samantha Ross looks into the history of sampling, particularly the beloved "Amen Break".

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Pre Eurovision Euphoria, Mental Well-Being, And The Song Contest
Katrina Leskanich

Why do we all enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest? Nicky Teare explores the euphoria that our Contest offers, how it can offer us purpose, and the difference it can make to our well-being.

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Eurovision 2024: The Staging Revolution

This year the Song Contest features some of the most impressive stagings in its history, and big name creatives behind much of their output. Never before has staging been more important, nor more professional, than it is today.

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