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Sing Sang Song: Wyn Hoop’s Musical Journey From Bonne Nuit To The Mediterranean
Wyn Hoop (promotional postcard)

Marcus Keppel-Palmer starts his look back at the life of some of the performers from the earlier days of the Eurovision Song Contest. Today, the clock winds back to 1960, and West Germany’s Wyn Hoop.

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Nixon Vs Kennedy: Unlocking The Eurovision Song Contest Through The Radio
Eurovision USA Radio Team, 2018 (Image: D. Cargill)

What happens when you strip away the ‘Vision’ from the Eurovision Song Contest? As part of the first US radio broadcast of the Song Contest, Ewan Spence looks at the impact of ‘all sound, no visuals’ on the Contest, and how it can help to explain the disparity between televoters and jurors.

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Remembering Teddy Johnson: Bringing The Fun To Eurovision
Teddy Johnson (wikimedia)

While Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson sung “Where we promised our true love, for all eternity” to each other, their little birdie was the a catalyst that changed the Eurovision Song Contest. As Ewan Spence discovers, this wasn’t the first time Teddy Johnson had influenced the evolution of broadcasting.

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Ask ESC Insight: What Has Eurovision 2018 Added To Your Summer Music Playlist?
Ana Moura Live (cc Wikimedia)

As the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is packed away in a little box, what musical earworms, hook-laden tracks, and thematic albums has this year’s Contest delivered? As summer stretches out before us, we Ask ESC Insight to look beyond the 43 to what has reached their playlist for the off-season.

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Which National Finals Sent The Wrong Song To Lisbon 2018?
Waylon's going back to The Netherlands (Thomas Hanses/EBU)

Continuing our look back at this year’s National Final selections, Ewan Spence discusses which countries made the wrong choice regarding the performers and songs to send to Lisbon for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

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