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Eurovision Newsletter: Entering The Home Stretch Written by on March 9, 2021 | 1 Comment

As we head towards the end of national selection season, many dedicated Eurovision followers will already be building their playlist for both the imminent entries and ‘the ones that got away’.. John Lucas rounds up the most recent developments in the latest edition of the ESC Insight newsletter.

ESC Insight Playlist – March 2021

As a particularly strong national final season begins to wind up, many dedicated Eurovision followers will already be building their playlist for both the imminent entries and ‘the ones that got away’. In case you need a refresher, here are some of our highlights from the season so far…

Imaginary Friend‘ by Victoria (Bulgaria)

Bulgaria’s Victoria faced a major uphill struggle to live up to the rapturous reception afforded to her 2020 entry Tears Getting Sober, which many predicted could give Bulgaria their long overdue first victory. Of the five songs on her EP of potential songs for Rotterdam, Imaginary Friend comes closest to recapturing the magic, with a soaring chorus and an impassioned vocal.

Magus Melanhoolia‘ by Jüri Pootsman (Estonia)

Estonia played it safe at Eesti Laul this year, selecting last year’s entrant with a slick Euroballad that seems unlikely to embarrass them. However, fans of the nation’s quirkier sensibilities might bemoan the fact that this beguiling electro-ballad from 2016 representative Jüri Pootsman didn’t get the nod.

Voce‘ by Madame (Italy)

One of the breakout stars of this year’s San Remo contest, 19 year old Madame may not have made it to the Song Contest, but this highly emotive ballad has done big business domestically, and took home the special prize for best lyrics. Definitely an emerging star to watch for in future editions…

Por um triz‘ by Carolina Deslandes (Portugal)

There’s no two ways about it – Portugal has made a courageous choice this year by selecting The Black Mamba. As is often the case, big Eurovision-ready hooks were in short supply at Festival da Canção this year. If the selection of The Black Mambas has you yearning for a more traditional Portuguese ballad, Carolina Deslandes’ tender entry might strike a chord.

‘Behöver inte dig idag‘ by Clara Klingenström (Sweden)

Sweden are notoriously strategic when it comes to selecting their Eurovision entries, but this gorgeous ballad from newcomer Clara Klingenström might yet melt their chilly nordic hearts and convince them to take a real risk for once. A powerful account of her struggle with drug addiction, it’s hopeful, heartbreaking and an instant modern Melfest classic whatever the result next Saturday. Just don’t even think about translating it into English…

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A writer and content marketing professional with a passion for getting lost in strange cities and a strange fascination with micro states, John has been with ESC Insight since 2015 and has also had his writing featured in publications including The Guardian, Popjustice and So So Gay. Tweetable @JLucas86.

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  1. Eurojock says:

    I loved Kadri Voorand’s ‘Energy’ in this year’s Eesti Laul. One of the best vocals I’ve ever come across.

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