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Newsletter: EBU Updates Eurovision Scenarios For Rotterdam 2021 Written by on February 8, 2021

With less than three months to go until the final of Eurovision 2021, the exact status of Rotterdam 2021 continues to hang in the balance. John Lucas rounds up this weeks developments in the latest edition of the ESC Insight newsletter.

ESC Insight Playlist

We may not know what Eurovision 2021 is going to look like, exactly, but with each passing week we get a better idea of how it could sound. Here’s our pick from this year’s national selections and internally selected artists…

‘I Love You’ by Teflon Brothers featuring Pandora (Finland)

This charming retro throwback has been the breakout hit of this year’s Finnish selection, clocking up over 1.2 million streams and climbing to #2 on the Finnish singles chart. 90s dance diva Pandora throws herself into the rather basic chorus with all the gusto she can muster, and those old-school synths are just delightful…

My Lonely Voice’ by Kiim (Norway)

The latest heat winner from Norway is a soulful ballad that sounds a bit like Duncan Laurence’s Arcade as performed by an Adele-style diva. Not the most original track you’ll hear this year, but the show-stopping vocal could potentially be catnip for an international jury…

Saudade‘ by Karetus & Romeu Bairos (Portugal)

Portugal’s national selection is a virtually BPM-free zone once again this year, with a surfeit of classy but fairly indistinguishable ballads. This midtempo fado number really stands out from the pack though, and comes as close to banger status as Portugal are probably willing to allow of themselves these days.

Pretender’ by Lillasysterr (Sweden)

Hard rock isn’t exactly a genre that springs to mind for many when they think of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, but this full-bodied effort did manage to nab a place in the second chance round after Saturday night’s heat. It feels like it’d have a better chance in the Finnish selection, but it’s a welcome slice of diversity nevertheless.

Viszlát Nyár’ by AWS (Hungary)

We finish not with a new track, but with a Eurovision classic. Sadly, AWS lead singer Örs Siklósi passed away last week from Leukaemia at just 29 years of age. His spectacular performance of this track was a true highlight of the Contest in Portugal, and his good nature and generous spirit will be remembered by all who encountered him there. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

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About The Author: John Lucas

A writer and content marketing professional with a passion for getting lost in strange cities and a strange fascination with micro states, John has been with ESC Insight since 2015 and has also had his writing featured in publications including The Guardian, Popjustice and So So Gay. Tweetable @JLucas86.

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