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Israel’s Netta Wins Eurovision 2018 with ‘Toy’ Written by on May 13, 2018 | 4 Comments

And we have a winner. With 529 points, and a lead of 93 points over Cyprus’ Eleni Fouriera in second place, Netta’s ‘Toy‘ wins the Eurovision Song Contest.

More to follow…

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4 responses to “Israel’s Netta Wins Eurovision 2018 with ‘Toy’”

  1. beckettfitz says:


    Has it been confirmed that the BBC rejected Cesar Sampson’s song “Nobody But You”?.

    How did this happen?!?

  2. beckettfitz says:

    Rejected it for the UK selection I mean if I haven’t made myself clear…

  3. Stephen says:

    beckettfitz – Even if UK did pass on it, there are no guarantees that we would have had a similar result. The UK team might have put a different amount of production into the demo that was originally offered around, it might have been given to a singer who didn’t perform it as well, it might not have made it out of You Decide, etc. Similarly, another country could have easily taken the demo version of Storm and through differing levels of production, performances and stagings, turned it into something that could have reached the left side of the scoreboard. Similarly, Denmark’s song, Higher Ground, was reportedly turned down by both MGP and MelFest, yet comfortably beat Norway and got very close to Sweden (with a significantly higher televote score!).

    I know this is something the Insight team have touched on in the past multiple times, but I wonder if there is any scope in an article covering this whole process in more detail to see how often songs do get shopped around different countries, and what happens to them? Assuming this is the type of thing that can even be discovered?!

  4. Stephen says:

    Regarding Israel winning, congratulations to them for a great victory. The voting got really tense at the end, trying to work out how many points were left available and who would get them – especially after knowing the novelty of Toy had worn off with the bookies and press room, who were pretty much ready to hand the trophy to Cyprus before the final had even started!

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