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ESC Insight started in 2010, and since then we’ve continued to bring you in-depth editorial, discussion and commentary around the Eurovision Song Contest. That’s not changing, but now you can help support us through a monthly subscription via Patreon.

If you enjoy ESC Insight’s coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest and if you would like to support us creating podcasts, articles, radio shows, and commentary for you, now you can, through Patreon.

It’s important to stress that ESC Insight is not going anywhere – we’re deep into planning for Lisbon 2018,  Junior Eurovision 2018 in Minsk, Young Musicians in Edinburgh, and everything else in-between. While everyone loves free content, the content isn’t free to make. The Insight team has spent a lot of time creating the content that you have grown to love over the last seven years, and we want to make sure that we can continue to run the website for many years to come, to support the team, and keep covering the Song Contest as best we can through in-depth writing, high quality podcast series, and on-the-ground reporting.

We are launching a Patreon page for ESC Insight so you can further support our coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest.

ESC Insight and friends in the press room at Eurovision 2017 (image: ESC Insight)

ESC Insight and friends in the press room at Eurovision 2017 (image: ESC Insight)

How Does Patreon Work?

Patreon takes care of the card payments and money transfers. Once a month Patreon will collect the donations from our supporters and make a single payment to ESC Insight. We will receive ninety-five percent of your donations (less government taxes, of course).

It also allows us to distribute content to those of you who support ESC Insight through our Patreon page.

Of the two different funding models – per item or per month – we’ve decided that ‘per month’ works best for ESC Insight. If you sign up to support us through Patreon, you can decide how much to support us on a regular basis, from as little as $1 per week.

Patreon’s Reward Levels

Our initial reward level of $1 a week is listed as $4 a month. No extras, no bonus content, just consider it simple thank you to the team behind ESC Insight every four weeks. We would love it if every reader at least considered this but there is no obligation to donate.

Our main reward level is $10 a month. Think of it as offering ESC Insight team a coffee every two weeks – and as a thank you for those taking part at this reward level we are offering you two pieces of exclusive content every month.

Patreon supporters will be involved in choosing subjects for our ‘Ask ESC Insight’ columns where you can talk and ask the team their opinions on important Eurovision issues. You’ll also have a new podcast series to listen to, as Ewan Spence showcases the music of the Song Contest and in the charts at the time as we explore the ‘Eurovision Decades’.

If you want to offer us a little bit more, then our $20 a month level is the equivalent of buying us coffee per week. Given we put a new podcast and content piece up on the main site every week you’re looking at ‘a coffee for content’. We’ll also send you some ESC Insight branded merchandise every quarter (so four deliveries a year) as well as access to the Patreon-exclusive content.

We also have a $50 a month level – which we were tempted to call the Ralph Siegel Level – for those of you who want lend a huge amount of support to ESC Insight. As well as the Patreon exclusive content of the $10 level and the merchandise from the $20 level, this level offers each of you a one-of-a-kind artistic print based on a deep analysis of the Eurovision Song Contest and your favourite country.

JESC Commentary, Ewan Spence and Lisa-Jayne Lewis (image: ESC Insight)

Ewan Spence and Lisa-Jayne Lewis on commentating duty (image: ESC Insight)

The Positive Impact On ESC Insight

The regular podcasts, features, and articles on the ESC Insight website will continue, but your support through Patreon will go a long way to making ESC Insight a self-sufficient operation. At the very least we’re hoping for the site’s running costs to be covered, and to be able to partly support the travel costs of our writers who cover the Contest across Europe. Although our writers are volunteers, being able to offer paid commissions to them is one of our longer-term goals.

Your Support Will Make A Difference

If you’d like to be involved with supporting ESC Insight, have a look at the rewards we are offering. If there’s one that fits with you, great, click on it and let’s get started and work together to make this your best Eurovision year ever!

Our Patreon page can be found at, please go there for more details on what Patreon means to us, the reward levels offered, and to sign up.

Ellie and Lisa-Jayne interview Francesco Gabanni

Of course we’ve made a podcast on how you can support ESC Insight. Hit play and listen…

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You Can Support ESC Insight on Patreon

ESC Insight's Patreon page is now live; click here to see what it's all about, and how you can get involved and directly support our coverage of your Eurovision Song Contest.

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