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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Interviewing Nicoline Refsing Written by on December 20, 2017 | 1 Comment

Stage designs, from show concepts to individual songs, prompt a lot of discussion in Eurovision circles. Recorded earlier this year, Lisa-Jayne Lewis talked with Creative Producer Nicoline Refsing about how to put ideas and concepts on to a stage (and screen) for the audience sitting at home.

Staging and production has always been a particular interest of mine. I studied it way back in school as part of GCSE drama. Instead of focussing on the acting I decided to study the module of staging and lighting design – one of my earliest jobs in the world of theatre when I was 15 was as a follow-spot operator for that year’s pantomime at the Civic Hall in Guildford. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on the little nuances of stage and screen production that enhance performances and can take something excellent and turn it into something outstanding (or in some Eurovision cases, something winning).

It was a treat to sit down earlier this year and chat with Nicoline Refsing, creative producer of the Eurovision Song Contest in  2014 in Copenhagen, and now creative producer of a number of the country productions since then, to talk about what goes into making the content that we see on our screens – or in the arena if we’re lucky enough to be there!

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Interviewing Nicoline Refsing

Lisa-Jayne Lewis talks to creative designer Nicoline Refsing on staging Eurovision, working with individual acts, and the wider world of televisual entertainment.

We also have a video edit of the interview, if you would prefer to match up conversations on staging with the relevant images.

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One response to “Eurovision Insight Podcast: Interviewing Nicoline Refsing”

  1. Shai says:

    Some of Miss Refsing’s choices were, how shall I put it, questionable(Italy 2016, Switzerland 2017)

    And a note of technicality – Miss Refsing’s voice is soft and gentle. I had to put my speaker’s sound on max. so I can hear and understand what she was saying. It seems she was too far from the mic.or that her mic. wasn’t calibrate well enough. This became a problem when switching to the vidoe’s and I have to readjust the sound so it will sound normal again.

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