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Newsletter: Let’s Embrace Junior Together Written by on November 14, 2016

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We have news this week of new artists selected, new National Final rules and even shock resignations deep within Kyiv. We also have now every song and schedule for Junior Eurovision as we turn out focus to Eurovision’s sunshine island for a month. Newsletter editor Ben Robertson recalls how Junior Eurovision, in some ways, feels quite positively familiar this year just like every other.

Junior Eurovision has its country’s and its characters just like its grown-up cousin and so much is no bad thing. The programming may be a touch on the safe side and the aspect of competition just a little diluted by the perennially awkward 12 points to each act gimmick, but what else do we need for a mid-November fix? I can tell you they when people like Lerika and Krisia have performed before I have had goosebumps all over me far larger than any big name Song Contest act. The level the performers can deliver at is still in many cases world class.

As the Netherlands have decided on O’G3NE to represent them, it’s a reminder that for many people Junior Eurovision is a healthy starting point. It can and does provide safe space for acts to try out being a superstar for a day, and that can only lead to better artists maybe cropping up in our Song Contest as they mature. Each year we’re looking at this show with half an eye on who might grow up to represent their country for real, and I tell you it wouldn’t be Junior Eurovision without it.

As always, read the newsletter in full with the link above to get all the knowledge you need as we look forward to another Song Contest season as another one ends.

About The Author: Ben Robertson

Ben Robertson has attended over twenty Eurovision's, Junior Eurovision's and National Finals for ESC Insight. He uses statistics to explain the Song Contest aims to educate readers about what the Song Contest means to do many different people.

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