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Letters From Stockholm: Dear Fans… Written by on May 10, 2016 | 2 Comments

Sitting in the press room and watching rehearsals is a rare moment in the entertainment industry, and the Eurovision Song Contest offers the press more opportunities than almost any mainstream media moment as it prepares to go live around the world. Jon Jacob wonders if there is a greater responsibility that should be considered.

The access inside ‘The Bubble’ at the Eurovision Song Contest is a rare beast in media-land. How much responsibility comes with that?

Letters From Stockholm: Dear Fans…

Grab a bottle of your favourite tipple and pour yourself a large glass of it. You will thank us for it. Jon Jacob needs to have a quiet word in your ear about something in today’s episode of ‘Letters From Stockholm’.

And once that’s over, Ellie Chalkley has written a counterpoint on the power and emotion of fans at the Song Contest.

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2 responses to “Letters From Stockholm: Dear Fans…”

  1. I’m really enjoying your series of articles, Jon – I suspect that lots of Eurovision fanatics and Press do view a lot of other fans with the attitude of “What’s your opinion worth, you’ve only been x times, you’ve never been in the Press Centre”…

    That’s the reason I started writing my own blog – my views are then ‘in print’ and it’s more difficult to ignore! You’ve also highlighted what tends to happen to those who like to review entries – you start getting cynical and you start to pick out the negatives, rather than the positives. I am trying to avoid this but I am having to review my articles more now before hitting publish to tone down some of the comments that jumped out of my head initially.

    As for the UK entries, I always take the view (like Portsmouth FC, my football team) that no matter what standard they are that year, no matter how well they perform, they are MY TEAM and I will support them every year. I may not feel they will do that well but that is another matter. I voted for Joe & Jake in the NF and I like this entry – they are great guys, who are really enjoying themselves and being in Stockholm for the UK.

    I am purely hoping for a decent result, a LHS finish, top ten at best – I was stung by the overall ‘we might win this year’ with Molly and I have never been so gutted on the Sunday morning afterwards.

    Looking forward to more interesting snippets…

  2. David H says:

    This was a BRILLIANT listen Jon I love your passion and damm right-I have been to two -95 &98 -and would LOVE to go to more -you use the word privilege-and I think some people forget that – and it winds me up they go on in a really negative whining approach- and Martin -bravo -same here -it’s my team -lets do this… Let’s really do this.

    I guess at times you were searching for your words Jon -but I don’t think it was a rant -it was measured and evidenced throughout-and loved the inclusion of “no dream impossible” -lets believe….

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