Think Before Rushing Into Your Eurovision Song Contest Season
The empty stage in Stockholm (EBU)

The Internet allows the Eurovision Song Contest community to follow the Contest all year round. Jon Jacob looks at the dangers of starting his Song Contest love affair far too early.

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Time To Shine, Time To Change Eurovision’s Starting Time
Midnight on the streets

As the self-styled favourite TV show of Europe, the Eurovision Song Contest manages to miss prime time Saturday night and runs well past midnight for the majority of viewers. Lisa-Jayne Lewis looks at one simple solution to this problem... change the starting time.

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Why Is The Eurovision Song Contest The World’s Favourite Comedy Vehicle?
The Sax Solo

Who's got Eurosong Fever? Who can't wait until the competition's on in May? From Father Ted and Monty Python to Stephen Colbert and Edward af Sillén, the Eurovision Song Contest provides an easy punchline, but there's more to the sequins than the non sequiturs. Samantha Ross asks why the Eurovision Song Contest is such a rich source of humour and a target for comedians the world over.

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Let’s Play Another Game Of Ten Thousand To One
The summer sundial shortens (Flickr/cc Judy Dean)

You might think September 1st is a big day in the Eurovision calendar, but Ewan Spence wants to argue for today, August 31st, as a day to enjoy.

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Portugal’s Big Decision: The Politics And Logistics Behind Lisbon 2018
Eurovision 2018 reaches the Lisbon bus shelters.

It's Lisbon! While fans may have thought it was a foregone conclusion, there's been a lot going on Keith Mills looks at the politics and logistics of Portugal's decision to host the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

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