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Terry Vision meets Claus Zier… this year’s Stage Designer
Terry Vision and Claus Zier (Stage Designer ESC 2014) Icon

Every stage says something about that year's Eurovision Song Contest, and the 2014 stage is no exception. ESC Insight's Senior Interviewer Terry Vision catches up with the man behind the look of The Voice and The X-Factor in Denmark (along with MGP) to find out his inspiration, the secrets to the design, and why everyone is secretly doing 'that scene' from the bow of Titanic.

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Terry Vision meets Carl Espen
Terry Vision and Carl Espen (icon)

Terry Vision catches up with Norway's leading glazier/singer Carl Espen to find out how the 'Demon Window Maker Of Bergen' has ended up at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. We all know the delicate nature of the song, but what about Carl himself?

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Terry Vision meets Cristina Scarlat
Terry Vision and Christina Scarlat (icon)

The Wild Soul of Cristina Scarlat is singing for Moldova at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. A little birdie has told our Senior Interviewer Terry Vision that she;s also a little bit of a James Bond fan. So who is her favourite actor who plays the 'secret agent' that always gets a partner at the end of the film? Let's find out.

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Terry Vision meets Paula and Ovi

Terry plays with fire as he speaks, sings, and dances, with Romania's Paula Seling (accompanied by Ovi on the piano). Will they fly to the moon, or will it be a miracle if he survives? One thing is for sure: things are going to get interesting...

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Terry Meets The ESC 2014 Stage Manager
Terry and Henric

One man holds the Eurovision television show, one man keeps everyone to time, and one man rules the stage. Henric von Zweigbergk has worked on countless Song Contests, and has seen it all. Our Senior Interviewer Terry Vision caught up with him backstage to find out his thoughts on this Contest, previous gigs, and the mistakes the delegations make when planning a show.

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