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Terry Vision Meets The President Of Malta
Terry Vision meets The President of Malta

It's a hard life, covering Eurovision. Our Senior Interviewer, Terry Vision has rolled up to Valetta a few days after everything has started... and he only goes and bumps into the Maltese Preseident?

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Terry Vision Meets Firelight
Terry Vision and Firelight

ESC Insight's Senior Interview Terry Vision catches up with Malta's 'Firelight' at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. The family and friends are all set to sing 'Malta is Nice'... if they don't upset Terry too much first

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Terry Vision Meets Cleo And The Slavic Girls
Terry Vision and Cleo

Be honest, you've been waiting for this one. ESC Insight's Senior Interviewer Terry Vision certainly has. Cleo catches up with Terry and introduces him to the Slavic Girls... cue heart attack?

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Terry Vision meets Tijana… Again
Terry Vision and Tijana Together Again

Following a rather traumatic interview in Amsterdam, Terry Vision was apprehensive and uneasy about meeting up with Macedonia's Tijana at Eurovision 2014. You know what? He was right!

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Terry Vision meets Teo… And His Translator
Terry, Teo, and his translator Olga.

Sometimes the skill of an interviewer is to work through a translator. And normally ESC Insight's Senior Interviewer can cope with that. But has Terry Vision met his match with Teo and his protective translator, Olga.

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