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All the Streets of Love and fourteen more classics
Signo Solar, by Flor de Lis

Think back to Moscow 2009 and the brighty coloured fun that was Portugal's entry from Flor de Lis. It took a while for their debut album to come out, and then a bit longer for me to get a hold of it, but now it's here, and I'm a happy reviewer. Here's why.

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Blessed with Love is full of the spirit of Snow White and Cinderella
Saara Aalto, Blessed with Love

The song that never mad it out of th Finnish national finals is the title track for Saara Alalto's eagerly awaited album. But has it been worth the wait for Eurovision fans? Ewan reviews the voice that never made it to Dusseldorf.

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Prepare to be disappointed by the dead end that is Rockefeller Street
Rockefeller Street (200) Album

With all the processing and post-recording work, what could have been a strong collection of songs becomes little more than "what can the engineers do next". Technically competent, Rockefeller Street has lost its emotional core, as Ewan explains in his review of Getter Jaani's debut album.

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Nadine Beiler's got a voice, just not one you're expecting

She sung her way into the hearts of eurovision fans around the world, but Nadine Beiler's recent album, "I've Got a Voice", is a different kind of beast to the soaring ballad you fell in love with during this year's Euovision Song Contest.

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The Reality and Fantasy of Raphael Gualazzi

Second place at Eurovision is nothing to be sneezed at, and if it brings more people to the Reality and Fantasy world of Raphael Gualazzi, then the Jazz performer is going to consider it a succss. There's a huge amount of promise and excitement to listen to in his latest album.

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