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Nine Things We Expect From The Netherlands And Eurovision 2021
Rotterdams Ahoy Theatre (

Now that the 'season clock' has been reset and we're at the start of our 2021 journey, Ewan Spence, with a touch of deja vu, looks ahead to Rotterdam 2021 and what we can expect from the Eurovision Song Contest in The Netherlands.

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Fan Fiction, Finals, And The Eurovision Song Contest 2020
Europe Shine A Light Rehearsals (

Ewan Spence looks to the world of Fan Fiction to find out how the Eurovision Song Contest community can address the cancellation of Rotterdam 2020 and the pain of not finding a winner to end this year's story.

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Why Northern Europe Will Stick With National Finals For 2020

While many countries have already confirmed their same artists are returning for 2021, the Nordic and Baltic nations have already confirmed their return to a National Final format. Ben Robertson explains why this cultural difference exists.

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When You Need To Sing Your ‘Plan B’ At Eurovision
Ann Sophie, Germany 2016 (image:

What happen when you can't take your first choice to the Eurovision Song Contest? The returning artists from 2020 may want to join Luke Fisher as he looks back at the successes and failures of picking Plan B.

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Which Eurovision 2020 Artists Can Deliver In 2021?
Jeangu Macrooy (image:

At the current time of writing there are thirteen acts already lined up and prepared to come back to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021. What dilemmas do those acts face for the next 12 months, and who will shine most from the chance to do it all again?

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