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Nine Sustainable Things You Will Notice In Malmö

The city of Malmö added one extra word to SVT's vision words of this year's Eurovision Song Contest - sustainability. How will Eurovision fans notice how this year's host city has made this a sustainable event?

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The Swedification Of The Eurovision Song Contest

Since 2000, Sweden has hosted the Song Contest four times, with a tradition that Sweden is "moving the goal posts for the show production wise" every chance they can. But how is Europe's biggest entertainment show more Swedish today?

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SVT And Its Vision For Eurovision 2024

What is the vision of the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest? We speak to Executive Producer Christel Tholse Willers to find out what SVT want Eurovision to look like this year.

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We Ask The Citizens Of Malmö: What Should We Do In May?

We asked residents in the city of Malmö for tips on what Eurovision fans visiting the city should do in Malmö when they arrive here in May. Here is their list.

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Finding A Winning Strategy With Eurovision’s Rehearsal Clips
The stage for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest (photo: / Peppe Andersson)

Without open rehearsals, there can be no 'Fuego' effect from the Press Centre. But there are other opportunities to create a viral moments. Ewan Spence looks at the strategy of rehearsal clips, the choices to be made, and when the key videos will be released.

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