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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Eurovision Again 1980 Written by , and on July 17, 2021 | 2 Comments

July’s trip down memory lane with Eurovision Again takes us to The Hague in 1980. Add our RSS Feed to follow us in your favourite podcast application, or click here to follow us in iTunes and never miss an episode.

It’s July’s edition of Eurovision Again as the summer rewatch of classic Contests continues. Two months after Rotterdam’s hosting, it’s our chance to return to The Netherlands as NOS hosts Eurovision 1980 in The Hague. As always, ESC Insight has a companion podcast for the show where we can go behind the scenes, talk about the National Finals, look over the rule book, and see how the world economy impacted our Contest.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Eurovision Again 1980

A companion podcast to Eurovision Again’s trip to The Hague in 1980. Join us as we go over the rulebook, National Final gems, the State Of Pop, and the impact of the world economy on the Contest.

Hosted by Ewan Spence, with Fin Ross Russell, and AJ Clay,

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About The Author: Ewan Spence

British Academy (BAFTA) nominated broadcaster and writer Ewan Spence is the voice behind The Unofficial Eurovision Song Contest Podcast and one of the driving forces behind ESC Insight. Having had an online presence since 1994, he is a noted commentator around the intersection of the media, internet, technology, mobility and how it affects us all. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, his work has appeared on the BBC, The Stage, STV, and The Times. You can follow Ewan on Twitter (@ewan) and Facebook (

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2 responses to “Eurovision Insight Podcast: Eurovision Again 1980”

  1. Shai says:

    Can I say how much I disliked and disapproved from the change they made to the scoreboard in this old contest. They replaced the original scoreboard with a modern display. I wasn’t the only one who was displeased with the change on the YouTube channel.

    The EurovisionAgain is a fan project made out of love for the contest. The modern scoreboard is done by a fan, who portrays old scoreboards with modern technology and display and yes he is doing a great job, but when I watch an old contest, I want to see the original scoreboard. That change they made was a mistake and should never be done again.

    The reason I am posting this comment here, is that I am not on Twitter, so can’t contact anyone from the team behind EurovisionAgain. However I know that one of the EurovisionAgain team is also part of the ESCinsight team and I hope this member will read this comment and pass it through.

  2. […] part of their rewatch companion podcast. Due to technical issues they were only able to include my rundown of who just missed out on national finals, but I also put together a State Of Pop for 1980, and […]

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