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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Tel Aviv, Wednesday 15th May Written by on May 15, 2019 | 5 Comments

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Ten go forward, seven stay behind on our playlists. Let’s look back at the results from last night as the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 continues.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Tel Aviv, Wednesday 15th May

Looking back at the Semi Final One results; the ten qualifiers, the ones that got away, and those Finnish trousers.

With Ewan Spence and Matt Baker.

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About The Author: Ewan Spence

British Academy (BAFTA) nominated broadcaster and writer Ewan Spence is the voice behind The Unofficial Eurovision Song Contest Podcast and one of the driving forces behind ESC Insight. Having had an online presence since 1994, he is a noted commentator around the intersection of the media, internet, technology, mobility and how it affects us all. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, his work has appeared on the BBC, The Stage, STV, and The Times. You can follow Ewan on Twitter (@ewan) and Facebook (

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5 responses to “Eurovision Insight Podcast: Daily News From Tel Aviv, Wednesday 15th May”

  1. Eurojock says:

    Australia to win? Take a look at the Eurojury poll and the Youtube hits on the semi final performances.

  2. Mark says:

    Iceland have been praised for their game-playing, but hasn’t Serhat also been clever? By presenting himself as Turkish rather than Sammarinese, he’s connected with the Eurovision-starved Turkish disapora. So I am expecting a reasonable televote for him on Saturday, particularly if he can fit in another teşekkürler before his three minutes are up. He’s also going soak up some Turkish origin votes which would otherwise have gone to Azerbaijan.
    Sadly the haters will seize on the fact that a weakly sung song with nonsense lyrics will score more points than their country’s effort. He’s sure to climb the scoreboard at the start of the new televote reveal.

  3. William Gregory says:

    Marie Miriam wore yellow didn’t she?

  4. Robin P says:

    The subject matter of Portugal’s national final winner was impenetrable to non-speakers. Putting such a topic across pictorially was then a storytelling-headache for the delegation. Casual viewer then duly struggles to get behind something where the topic isn’t self-evident without research.

  5. mark dowd says:

    I hark back to Juke Box Jury 8 and the three HITS for Portugal and its superior rating to the Netherlands…you guys need to distinguish more between personal preference and prediction about qualifying/winning prospects. If ever there was an example of a song which was trapped inside the “bubble” it was Portugal…..Never an ESC song in a million years and no staging would have ironed out its dissonant, offputting qualities (for the record, I like it personally, but backed it heavily to NQ.)

    So next year, is a HIT meaning it will do well, or does it mean “I like it.”? I think it would help the audience to spell it out.

    Good podcast!

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