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Can You Win The Eurovision Song Contest In Our Computer Game? Written by on May 13, 2016 | 23 Comments

Everyone thinks they know the secret to winning the Eurovision Song Contest, and that if they could only get the chance then the Glass Microphone would be in their hands. Well now you can find out just how good you are, as Ellie Chalkley debuts the first Eurovision Computer Game written backstage at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Welcome to ESC Insight’s Head of Delegation Simulator (2016 Edition). We’ve gathered together all the Eurovision 2016 news stories, backstage rumours and mixed in some stuff we made up so your Eurovision story is as realistic as legally possible.

Every Eurovision fan secretly thinks they’ve got what it takes to bring the big glass microphone home for their country. Well, now’s your chance to experience the highs and lows of being Head of Delegation for one of 2016’s Eurovision Song Contest contenders without having to go through the trouble of having a career in broadcast media first.

Not only that, but in a pointlessly wonderful first, ESC Insight’s Head of Delegation Simulator 2016 is the first computer game written within the Eurovision Bubble.

Let’s Play!

About The Author: Ellie Chalkley

Ellie Chalkley is an all-round music, media and culture enthusiast and citizen of the internet. As an overly analytical pop fan and general knowledge hoarder she finds the Eurovision Song Contest bubble to be her natural home. She comments gnomically and statistically on Eurovision matters at @ellie_made.

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23 responses to “Can You Win The Eurovision Song Contest In Our Computer Game?”

  1. Loving it – probably the first roleplay game I’ve ever seen for Eurovision!

    You need to have a quick look at your code – it gave me all the alternative endings for Montenegro, although it was looking really good for Natalia Vucic, winner of X Factor Adria… 🙂

  2. Maybe it’s my end but I got the same happen for Austria and Russia too 🙁

  3. Ewan Spence says:

    Hot fix in the code in place, try again!

  4. Erykah says:

    Hooray, I won for Iceland. Wonder if they’ll hire me for 2017?

  5. Daniel Wright says:

    I got through and won with Croatia. Didn’t seem too difficult.

  6. Chance says:

    I won with a Swiss boyband and a pyro curtain. Well that’s rubbish obviously. lol. But yay me.

  7. thomasfan22 says:

    I won with Australia 😀

  8. Thanks for fixing this – I managed to win Eurovision for Bulgaria!

    Unfortunately, as I wasn’t really taking it that seriously in case it crashed again, my balladeer’s name was Bum Bum…

    You really do forget all dignity when you try to grab Bum Bum for a hasty selfie! lol 🙂

  9. Ellie Chalkley says:

    Martin, does Poli know you call her that?

  10. I’m not that well acquainted with Poli to give her pet names lol

    You could never call Poli a balladeer though, could you? 🙂

  11. Antonio says:

    I managed to win with Greece… I called my singer “Debts”

  12. James Triggs says:

    Won with an Austrian boy band performing with holograms of them nude with goats somehow combined with politically charged lyrics referencing a past conflict..

    That … sounds like quite a performance.

    This was a fun idea. Have you got any San Marino references worked in by any chance?

  13. Donna says:

    1st attempt – The Netherlands: 5th place
    2nd attempt – Albania: Winner

  14. Ismatil says:

    I won from the first attempt for Bulgaria and named by singer AzisS!

  15. MiniNikk says:

    I am from Albania and I want to represent my country but I swear that this game never gives you the chance to be Albania

  16. Kurwič says:

    Maria Kurwska won for Poland!!! KURWA! KURWA

  17. SoupearJ says:

    First try: Switzerland, top 10
    Second try: Belgium, top 5
    Third try: Belgium, winner
    Fourth try: Cyprus, winner
    Fifth try: Finland, winner
    Sixth try: Georgia, winner
    I think i got it figured out. Just maybe.

  18. Eurojock says:

    Fantastic Ellie. First try I’ve got top 5 for Serbian Diva Sanja with a big peace ballad called Silver and Love. That’s what you can achieve if you keep your act out of the Euroclub and save their voice!

  19. Eurojock says:

    This time I deliberately tried to score Null Points and seem to have crashed your simulator. Sorry about that. Maybe my act ‘The Fanboys’ made one too many trips to the Euroclub.

  20. Eurovision Lover says:

    1st time – Finland – 10th place
    2nd time – Malta – Winner
    3rd time – Denmark – Didn’t qualify
    4th time – Slovenia – 5th place
    5th time – The Netherlands – 5th place
    6th time – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Winner
    7th time – Azerbaijan – 5th place
    8th time – Australia – Winner

  21. Eurovision Lover says:

    When I was doing my country, the UK, It crashed at the near-end just like with France.

  22. Tom says:

    I won with Belgium with a diva called Millie Lixzari, congrats Millie! And congrats Belgium! Maybe they will hire me?

  23. Lente says:

    Is it still available?

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