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Eurovision Insight Podcast: A Second Second Chance Written by on November 16, 2011 | 1 Comment

Yikes, did Slovakia change their mind between the recording of the podcast and the publishing? I know there’s a cliché to maintain, but isn’t that going a bit too far?

Anyway, lots going on, a slow increase in pressure all around as more songs are sifted through for National Final appearances and the last dying coals of the 2011 Song Contest are raked over by the fans for the second chance winners. Which means I’m championing Babel Fish one last time

By the way if all goes well we’ll be back this Friday lunchtime with the first Junior Eurovision Juke Box Jury and the 2011 songs getting their Hit, Miss or Maybe!

Eurovision Insight Podcast: A Second Second Chance

An Armenian singer returns for Junior Eurovision, a victorious singer returns to Switzerland, a long running musical contest announces dates, two fan favourites unite for a duet, and I wish Babel Fish had a second chance.

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One response to “Eurovision Insight Podcast: A Second Second Chance”

  1. eurovoix says:

    Another brilliant podcast, im still a bit confused around Slovakia. In June the Azerbaijan press were saying Slovakia and the Czech Reoublic would return, on the 7th of October Slovak press said the channel was withdrawing to use funding on higher quality tv. Then on the 9th the channel dismissed the rumor saying that they had yet to make a decision. Then on 15th yesterday RTVS released a statement saying they were going to go internal and that they would decide on participation by the end of the month. The today we now find out that My.RO are in the process of signing a contract with RTVS to go to Baku for Slovakia. Something tells me now we will hear that the contract will fall through or they wont sign until a few days before the EBU deadline.

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