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As well as our articles on and around the Eurovision Song Contest, we have a lot of regular topics, features and favourite articles, so we thought a great big signpost of what there is would help you get the most from the site.

Great articles from voices around the world of Eurovision

While Eurovision is a fast moving story, there are a lot of daily news sites out there already. There was no need to go and put together another site like that. So we wanted something that was not only different, but would also serve the community that has built up around the contest (and be fun to read). So we tend to more in-depth features and commentary. Think of us a bit like Newsweek, The Spectator or Time magazine when comparing us to the Red-Top Tabloid style of the daily news sites that report every day.

Why not start off with our look at the politics of Eurovision voting – it does exist but the reasons are a lot more complicated than you think. How about the success of getting in a foreign singer to represent your country? And who could say no to our guide to making a winning bet on the Song Contest?

You can browse our  recent articles here.

The Unofficial Eurovision Song Contest Podcast

ESC Insight started in 2010 because Ewan Spence’ Eurovision Podcast (launched in 2008) needed to have its own home – and matching up the in-depth nature of the podcast with the same quality of articles makes for a brilliant proposition for Eurovision fanns.

Now running as a twice weekly show, we cover the latest news around the Song Contest each Tuesday, along with a musical highlight from the world of Eurovision. As the weekend approaches, our Friday show brings in our panel of experts – the judges – as we listen to the rich tapestry of songs in the series of Juke Box Jury shows. Be it finding the Ultimate Song, or assessing all the entries for the upcoming contest, we’ll give our unbiased view of your old favourites and soon to be classics.

Listen to our  recent podcast episodes on the website, or find us in iTunes.


It’s not just those three minutes on stage that counts for the artists – they have a career after that huge live audience experience, and for most of them they were already in the business. At ESC Insight we want to look outside of those nights in May, so we keep in touch with those involved in our review section. Be it the latest album from Finnish rockers Terasbetoni, standing in the front row of a Latvian concert, or the classic songs covered by a previous winner, we’ll let you know what’s hot, or not, in our reviews section.

Fun and Games

In all the discussion, we won’t forget that Eurovision is fun and there’s nothing wrong with putting a smile on everyone’s face once in a while. Be it our guide to a summer playlist of Eurovision tracks, the , or the occasional comedy panel quiz show on the podcast, we know where the lighter side of the contest is.

The world of Eurovision

The site isn’t the only one on the Internet, we’re just one stitch in the fabric. Once you’re finished here there’s more online that you need to know about. Our regular feature of Meet the Fans puts the spotlight on a Eurovision Fan from around the internet, and the world. We’ll happily point out some of the best ways to use the internet to enjoy the Song Contest

And we can’t finish without mentioning our “More than 100 Eurovision websites, links and online resources” page?

We hope you’ll come back!

ESC Insight is updated regularly every week of the year, so you’ll always find something when you visit us. If you’d rather add us to Google Reader or your favourite RSS reading application, or feed is Youll aslo be able to get updates on our Facebook Page, and talk to us on Twitter. (@ESCinsight)

Oh and the site was started by Sharleen and Ewan, but there’s lots of people helping out, think of us as the janitors!

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