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The 2017 Eurovision Guide Book

As the coverage from Stockholm and the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 continues here on ESC Insight, it’s time to publish this year’s eBook covering the performers and countries that are part of this year’s Song Contest. Welcome to the 2017 Eurovision Guide Book

The ESC Insight Unofficial Guide to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

ESC Insight and ESC Buzz: 2017 Guidebook

ESC Insight and ESC Buzz: 2017 Guidebook

Why an Ebook?

As with our guide to previous Song Contests , we’ve pulled together information from around the internet, including the official site (used with permission), Wikipedia, the artists own pages, and coverage from some of the other Eurovision sites. We always said ESC Insight was about bringing you more information that was useful to you, and our eBook guides continue that mission.

In the pages of the ESC 2017 guide, we look at the countries in turn, with information on:

  • The song, performer, composer and lyricist.
  • Biographical information.
  • Historical statistics for each country.
  • Thoughts from ESC Insight’s Samantha Ross and ESC Buzz’s Lisa-Jayne Lewis
  • …and a handy space for you to take your own notes as the live shows on May 10th, 12th, and 14th draw ever closer.

As always, thanks go to Ben Morris for the Minipop icons that grace the guide book.

How to get the eBook

The ESC Insight Unofficial Guide to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contestis a free download. If you’d like to share it online, we’d ask you to credit ourselves here at ESC Insight or ESC Buzz, and link back to this page, rather than pointing directly to the eBook.

Download your Guide to Eurovision 2017 eBook for free here.

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