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Forty five minutes with Blue

ESC Insight photographer Steven Newby headed out to meet Blue yesterday for a short interview – which then proceeded to become a lunch that’s going to be a treasured memory for Steven for a long time. Here’s why, in his own words…

Snap thoughts on the Semi Final 1 results

Well, that’s going to rip up the form book for the Eurovision experts. The ten countries to go through from the first semi-final to Saturday’s Grand Final quite simply qualified because they were good songs.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Semi Final 1 Commentary

Join Ewan Spence as he takes you through the first Eurovision Semi Final. Start the track as the show begins, and pause at the beeps for each song to be performed.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Semi Final 1 Preview

Ewan Spence and Sharleen Wright discusses the latest Eurovision News from Dusseldorf with Emma Backfish (ESC Daily), Samantha Ross (ESC Insider) and Elaine Dove (All Kinds of Everything).

It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it…

For today, Paul Jordan is not a size queen, as he looks at the impact the Eurovision Song Contest has on the smaller countries. For them, their time in Dusseldorf reaches far beyond the three minutes of song on the stage.

The Eurovision List : Monday's daily news from Dusseldorf

Keeping one eye on the rehearsals and press conferences, ESC Insight also check out our compatriots coverage of the world of Eurovision and try to see whats happening from others perspectives. Here’s what the online world had to say about Eurovision today…

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