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The Reality and Fantasy of Raphael Gualazzi

Second place at Eurovision is nothing to be sneezed at, and if it brings more people to the Reality and Fantasy world of Raphael Gualazzi, then the Jazz performer is going to consider it a succss. There’s a huge amount of promise and excitement to listen to in his latest album.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: With all new album art
ESC Insight podcast album art (with border)

The Barabara Dex and Marcel Bezencon awards for 2011, eleven countries for 2012, the Azerbaijani choice of stadium and goodbye to Stefan Raab. With the postcard music from Gary Go, hosted by Ewan Spence.

The Top Ten Moments of Eurovision 2011
ESC Insight Bade at ESC 2011

Eric Saade’s box, Alex Sparrow’s chest, Eldrine’s lyrics, Sara Cox’s happy place and the one moment when “C’est ma Vie” sounded wonderful. All that and more in a personal Top Ten moments from the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

Ell and Nikki's Road to Victory
Eldar, Azerbaijan 2012

Just like that, we close the book on Dusseldorf and grab a fresh new Moleskine for Azerbaijan 2012. Like any good story, it starts with a prologue. Two singers, taking to the stage in Germany (with some help from Shirley’s Angels in the background) and go on to win Eurovision 2011. But how did Ell and Nikki get to that stage in the first place?

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Leaving Dusseldorf

Ewan Spence and Sharleen Wright look back at Eurovision 2011 with the Juke Box Jury team (or at least those if them who are still awake in the departures lounge of Dusseldorf Airport).

The Eurovision List: Monday’s Eurovision news
Ell wins Eurovision 2011 on stage

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