Eurovision Insight Podcast: In-Depth With Francesco Gabbani

Ellie Chalkley and Lisa-Jayne Lewis talk to Italy's Francesco Gabbani about philosophy, spirituality, and the power of words in our final interview from Kyiv and Eurovision 2017.

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Insight Asks Ola Melzig and Henric Von Zweigbergk

In the latest podcast, Ewan Spence talks to Eurovision 2017's Head of Production Ola Melzig, and Senior Floor Manager Henric Von Zweigbergk (i.e. the guys that make everything work at the Eurovision Song Contest).

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Eurobeat Moldova
ESC In Depth Insight Album Cover Icon

The team behind the theatrical hit 'Eurobeat' return to the Edinburgh Fringe to launch 'Eurobeat Moldova'. Ewan catches up with the team to find out more about the new show in a summer ESC Insight In-Depth interview.

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: Coffee With Kenneth McKellar
Kenneth McKellar

There's more to Kenneth McKellar than going to Eurovision and wearing a kilt. Tony Currie's interview from 1983 shines a light on the UK's singer from 1966, and offers something a little different for an Insight In-Depth Interview for the summer holidays.

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Eurovision Insight Podcast: In-Depth With Creative Designer Nicoline Refsing

During Stockholm 2016, Ewan Spence talked with Creative Designer Nicoline Refsing about Eurovision visuals, stage direction, and some controversial changes that could help the Song Contest, in the latest In-Depth Insight podcast.

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