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Manboy’s Masquerade is a delightful slice of dancey-pop

One thing that could always be said about Eric Saade is that he blew most viewers away at the 2010 Melodifestivalen as he grabbed 3rd place with Manboy. He followed up this new-found recognition with his debut solo album Masquerade, an album that one could describe as a pure pop delight.

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Euroband… Its like Eurovision with a dash more Eurovision

Unashamedly a work of love by Eurovision fans for Eurovision fans, Euroband's 2008 album "This is My Life" isn't going to win any Grammy awards, but it's full of energy an enthusiasm for the Song Contest. And the maddest cover of Bucks Fizz so far.

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This Eurovision Gig Won’t Kill Ovi’s Career

If Billy Joel ever did the Eurovision Song Contest, he’d sound a lot like Ovi. From the catchy mind that brought you Playing with Fire comes a debut album packed with a delicate touch and a lot of promise.

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Lauris Reiniks is still running with Es Skrienu

There is something quite disconcerting about buying an album as part of a meal deal in a local pizza restaurant in Latvia. But luckily, there’s no buyers remorse when handing over money for Lauris Reiniks’ most recent album, Es Skrienu. Here's why...

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The World Needs Heroes, will Terasbetoni do?

Three minutes might not have been enough for Europe to love Terasbetoni, but give their fourth studio album enough time and you're sure to fall in love with the power-metal band from Finland.

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