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Meet the Fans : Juergen Boernig

With his weekly radio show, Juergen Boernig is a familiar voice to many Eurovision fans. But we wanted to know more about the man behind the microphone, so ESC Insight asked him to feature in this week's "Meet the Fans" interview.

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Meet the fans: Hassan Yusuf

TV fans with sharp eyes may have spotted a certain Hassan Yusuf in the audience at Eurovision. Maybe you don't know the name, but you know the tailored Union Jack suit. It's not only perfect visual material for the cameras, but also shows how dedicated Hass is to Eurovision. But go behind the screen, and what do you find? It's time to meet another fan...

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Meet the Eurovision Fans: Liam Clark

Kicking off a new feature, we meet fans from around the world to ask about their motivations, their love and their greatest moments of Eurovision. Today, we ask Liam Clark, of ESC Daily, how and why he has become a fan of the Song Contest, and how he has become further entangled in the world of Eurovision.

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